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Snapshots from Walt Disney Studios Paris

Friday, October 16, 2009

If I'd had all your addresses while I was in Paris, I could've sent you postcards from Walt Disney Studios! It's essentially the equivalent of Disney's Hollywood Studios, but with slightly different attractions and themeing. Here are a few snapshots from my vacation there this summer:

The entrance plaza is rather plain, and in fact generally speaking the themeing of Walt Disney Studios is not up to par with Disney's Hollywood Studios. But I'm always happy to see the Earful Tower!

At WDS, the Partners statue greets you as you enter the main plaza of the park, after coming through an indoor shopping arcade. To a Walt Disney World regular this may seem an odd fit, but in the context of the Paris resort it makes sense that the man and the mouse would greet you as you enter the park that bears the man's full name.

Remember what I was saying about the themeing? Yeah. But I gotta show you this picture anyway. See that line of people? Well, just off the left edge of the photo is Crush's Coaster. Guess what we're all lined up for, with the park not even officially open yet?

This sign is in the queue area of Crush's Coaster, shortly before you board your shell and whirl around in the dark for a while. Be sure to pack the dramamine! And hey, is it just me, or does that subtitle at the bottom of the sign seem a little off-color?

These Scream Monitors sure do come in handy when you just waited more than 90 minutes for Crush's Coaster, despite having arrived at the gates 45 minutes before rope drop, and been among the first 20 in line for the attraction. Not that I'd know anything about that, mind you.

Handy instructions, in case you're having trouble figuring out how to scream! But y'know, if the line for Crush's Coaster wasn't bad enough to push you over the edge, I'm not entirely sure what to recommend.

No complaints about the themeing in this section! Photo ops galore.

I'm cheating!! Star Tours isn't actually at the Studios in Paris....it's across the plaza, at the Disneyland Park in Discoveryland, just like west-coast Disneyland Anaheim fans would expect it to be. Hellooooo Lisa?

Moteurs...Action! is much like its DHS counterpart, but delivered bilingually in French and English, and with fewer words in the title.

C'est dans la boîte! I sure do hope I get back to Paris soon.