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DHS Wish List

Friday, March 28, 2008

Disney Parks recently moved the Block Party Bash parade from Disney’s California Adventure to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And over the years, we’ve seen plenty of other events or attractions that were born in one park, and duplicated in another: Soarin’, MuppetVision 3D, Lights Motors Action, Rock ’n Roller Coaster, just to name a few. So, I got to thinking . . . what attractions or shows from Disney Parks around the world would I like to see duplicated at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Never mind space considerations, or what the park really needs . . . I’m just daydreaming here. So, the following came to mind, both because I enjoy them, and because I believe they could fit well into the themeing of the park.

  1. Café Hyperion/Videopolis, Disneyland Park Paris
    Yeah yeah yeah, the food there sucks. I don’t care. They could fix that, no doubt. The rest of the experience is fabulous: The cartoons playing on the big screens, the fiberglass families of lions and other animals enjoying their meals side-by-side with the bipedal primates, and the live stage shows (or so they tell me . . . I didn’t have a chance to catch one).  . . I ate there twice in the two days I spent at Disneyland Paris, and would have happily eaten there a few more times. And Jentasmic! Jr. didn’t want to eat anywhere else, after he’d seen Donald speaking French.
  2. Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland Anaheim
    Maybe they’re gonna update the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, or so the rumors say. But even if they don’t, I still want more Indy! The Indiana Jones Adventure is based on the same ride system as Dinosaur! at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but in my opinion it’s a far more effective implementation (Hochberg, I think you’d like it).
  3. CinéMagique, Walt Disney Studios Paris
    This charming little movie/stage show is one of the highlights of WDSP. You might say it’s Disney’s spin on Zelig, the Woody Allen movie where they edited him into a ton of classic moments. It’s bilingual (English/French), and so well written and designed that even if you only speak one of those languages, you don’t miss a thing. And since it’s all organized around a classic cinema theme, it’d fit right in at DHS.
  4. Animagique, Walt Disney Studios Paris
    Do you sense a trend here? Well, yeah. And there’s a reason for that trend: These two attractions are the best elements of WDSP that aren’t already duplicated elsewhere, and given that both are “Studios” parks they’re already themed for transplant. Plus, Animagique is just so adorable, with Donald wrecking havoc per usual, and opening a Pandora’s Film Vault of trouble. The visuals are very much in the style of the old Little Mermaid show at Disney/MGM Studios, but with more fantastic creatures (pink elephants on parade!).
  5. Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular, Disney’s California Adventure
    I’m not generally a huge fan of the Broadway-style shows at Disney Parks. But this one’s a keeper. Genie’s funny, Carpet is the cutest little home furnishing you’ve ever met, and the kids eyes light up when Aladdin and Jasmin take to the skies in their romantic duet. Plus, the theatre’s already in the Hollywood Backlot section of DCA, so the themeing’s ready-to-go.

Hmm, I can’t help but notice there’s  nothing listed here from Tokyo or Hong Kong. Maybe I need to rack up a few more frequent flier miles, to refresh my memory of Tokyo Disneyland, and do some fresh research on DisneySea and Hong Kong Disneyland.