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Queued Magic

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One of the best parts of any attraction hoping to make it to the 'top 10 in the world' list doesn't consist of a high-speed drop by it self. I have been to multiple fairs, Six Flags, Hershey Park...but none of them can capture the magic and wonder that is seen in a Disney park.

I'm not saying you can't get a rush of energy after spending the afternoon eating cotton candy and mini-donuts while waiting to take a two second drop. They're fun. But half of the magic in one of Disney's blockbuster attractions come from the queue. After all, don't they say, "waiting is half the fun"?

By far the most engaging queue at Disney Hollywood Studios is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. From the moment you walk past those creaky hotel gates that once gave Hollywood's elite the feeling of glitz and glamor (as the story goes), you're immediately captured by the staggering size of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. The over-grown walk-ways provide proof that hotel staff has long since abandoned the cursed complex. Large greenery guide you through what was once an elegant area.

Mist from sprinklers give a sense of fog in the queue, as you slowly make your way towards the entrance of the building.

At night, these elements stand out more as the 'fear' can grow from the darkness and humid atmosphere.

Upon entering the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel you are immersed with a scent that sticks with you for years to come (my personal experience). Its a smell of old antiques. The cool air-conditioned lobby gives you a chill from the sights of the decor, couches, abandoned front desk, and yellow crumbling walls.

And this is just the beginning.

The Tower of Terror queue is a must-see for everybody. Even if you don't want to ride the elevator, I insist you check-in to the hotel and find out why it is the Studio's best-decorated queue. From the moment you enter, you're brought back to what was once a beacon for the show-business elite...

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Chris Reid is the host of Cosmic Reid's Starlight Cafe on Magical Mouse Radio and loves to talk about Disney's Hollywood Studios


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