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Character magic

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Without question, seeing characters in Disney parks always brings a smile to your face. Whether you're a young child, older teen, adult, or in your golden years, theres something about seeing these Cast Members that bring so much joy to Walt Disney World guests day in and day out.

But at times I believe we see too much of the 'common' characters. This is what made me think of some areas that, specifically in Disney's Hollywood Studios, they could offer guests the chance to interact with many 'rare' characters. Well, rare in the sense they're heavily featured in the park, but rarely seen wandering around.

How cool would it be to see, for example, the Muppets, walking around their court yard. There is always plenty of room in that area. Picture Animal, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Fozzy…and yes Kermit himself, all walking around interacting like they do for Star Wars characters during Star Wars Weekends?

How cool would it be if some Cast Members walked around the area of the Hollywood Tower Hotel with suitcases, mingling with guests?

I think a lot of the entertainment from Disney comes from the live interaction whether its in queues or on the streets (hello, Streetmosphere!). It's part of the magic that will never get old for guests of all ages.

What rare characters would you want to see in the studios? Maybe a Saturday afternoon cartoon area with Dark Wing Duck, Rescue Rangers and more of the like? They once roamed the parks, and I think it'd be very cool of Disney to bring them all back for us again so we can continue enjoying them!

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Chris Reid is the host of Cosmic Reid's Starlight Cafe on Magical Mouse Radio and loves to talk about Disney's Hollywood Studios


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