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Stepping into The Darkroom + Submit your Pixar Place photos

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Darkroom at Hollywood Studios

We are excited to announce that Matt has offered us the opportunity to take over The Darkroom column here on Studios Central each week. A few weeks ago we started guest blogging on the Hollywood Studios Blog with articles on photography at Hollywood Studios. We are looking forward to taking that subject and moving it over to The Darkroom each week.

For those that did not read those blog posts and may not be familiar with us. I am Adam Hansen and along with Cory Disbrow we run the Disney photography site WDW Photography. We created WDW Photography as a blog to help other photographers and Disney fans with their photography when at the parks. We are in the process of a major relaunch that will be ready in a few weeks that will include many new features. As part of relaunching the site, we were looking for way to expand on what we were doing. It seemed liked a perfect match to start working with Matt and contributing a column here on Studios Central each week.

Both Cory and myself are big fans of Disney's Hollywood Studios and enjoy the many photo opportunities that is offers. It may not be obvious to the average guest, but there are many hidden gems in Hollywood Studios that are great for photographing. With this column we hope to showcase many of those spots to you and offer some tips that may help the next time you are there. We will not get too technical here on Studios Central but know that some of you will want to get deeper in the technical side of things. With that in mind, we will offer a companion column each week on our site WDW Photography to go along with our Darkroom column.  

The Darkroom here on Studios Central has been a popular feature in the past since it allowed you the ability to have your own photos posted. While we will be changing the format now to be a weekly column, we still want to keep that feature available in some form. So we are happy to announce that each month we will have one column dedicated to reader photos. The week prior we will announce a photo subject and invite you to send your photos in. The following Tuesday we will then publish the photos here on the column along with one of our own for the subject.

The goal of this column is to showcase great photo opportunities that are available at the Studios, hopefully teach you a little bit at the same time and of course viewing great Disney photos. That is why it is important that we continue to showcase the readers photos, even if it is once a month right now.

The Darkroom - Submit your Pixar Place Photos!

We are going to get right into the readers photos and dedicate next weeks column to them. So that means between now and next Monday we are asking you to send in a photo of your own from Pixar Place to be included in The Darkroom.

  Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios  

We are keeping things simple with this first subject and want to see any photo you have of Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios. It can be the over sized toys that decorate the area, the sign at the entrance, photos from Toy Story Mania or anything else you have photographed at Pixar Place.

Click here to submit your photo and we will post them next week!

Thanks for reading today and we hope you will be back each Tuesday for a new article. Also be sure to visit us at WDW Photography.

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