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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This week's photo theme is "huge" and how that relates to Hollywood Studios. Going into this week, I could see a lot of different ideas coming forward and it's always interesting to see what all of you think of for this week's theme.

"Guitar" by Paula Spiletycz from New Jersey

In terms of huge things at the Studios, it doesn't get much bigger than the guitar outside of Rock 'n Roller Coaster, which at 40 feet tall, the larger-than-life stratocaster guitar has a 32-foot-long neck which is nearly 15 times the size of the neck on an average stratocaster guitar.   Paula's photo is also a great night shot and it does look even better at night.

"Super Duper Soaker!" by tiffanyanne3

I could probably just feature everything in Honey, I shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure but that's kind of cheating.  This photo of the Super Soaker really captures the feeling that it is a huge plastic toy and I can't help but personally feel a connection to it since I loved Super Soakers as a kid (who didn't?). 

"The New Large Sizes" by JoWiJo

One thing Disney seems to be very good at is creating larger-than-life copies of things and these Coke bottles near the Backlot Tour are fun photo opportunities.  Of course, there is that one bottle that sprays a watery mist from time to time that the kids seem to never get enough of.  Hard to look past these when you're talking about anything huge.


Be sure to send us your photos for next week, which will feature the theme of "small".  Any photos you may have from Hollywood Studios that you think fits into the theme of "small" can be sent to us to be featured in this column.

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