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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Each week we select a photo theme for Hollywood Studios and this week we selected "busy" and asked our readers to send us their photos of Hollywood Studios that evoke that theme for them so let's jump right into the photos this week.

"Muppetvision" by Patrick Hackett of East Haven, CT

Patrick took a photo of a rare phenomenon, which is a crowd outside Muppetvision 3D, and frankly, I can't blame Patrick for being surprised to see it.  Of all the places in Hollywood Studios, you never expect Muppetvision to be a very crowded place.  

"Sticks Mulch Shoes" by Jennifer of Berkeley, CA

This entry from a friend of mine baffles me a bit. Let me explain, this photo is of the shoes from the famous band that plays in Hollywood Studios, Mulch, Sweat and Shears, specifically of two of the band members.  My guess is this week's theme of "busy" means to Jennifer that these guys' shoes clearly have taken a beating and they are worn out.  That or I'm missing out on the metaphor that these shoes stand for.  Regardless, these are celebrity feet!

"Aerial view of Disney's Hollywood Studios parking lot" by melfync

This photo is so great because it is an aerial view of the Hollywood Studios parking lot taken on Christmas (according to the photographer).  Regardless of what day it is, you can see that pretty much the entire parking lot is full.  Wow!


Be sure to send us your photos for next week, which will feature the theme of "trees".  Any photos you may have from Hollywood Studios that you think fits into the theme of "trees" can be sent to us to be featured in this column.

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