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20 Photos from Star Wars Weekends 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey everybody.

We have not been around The Darkroom lately but are back with a photo update from Star Wars Weekends 2012. We had live photo coverage of the opening day on Disney Photography Blog and ended up posting a ton of photos from the event. We wanted to share some of those photos (20 to be exact) with you on The Darkroom.

There are plenty of places to see photos from Star Wars Weekends (including right here on Studios Central), but we wanted to showcase some shots that we thought were some of our best. These were the shots we liked based on a number of reasons including interesting angless, depth of field or creative compositions used.

There were three categories of photos we wanted to capture during the event 1) The Parade 2) Hyperspace Hoopla and 3) Photos that capture what the event is all about. That could mean the guests in the (very large) crowd, details of merchandise or some of the random characters that appear throughout the event.

Lets start things off with those photos...

You could easily fill a number of memory cards just capturing photos at Star Wars Weekends by walking around and taking in the details. Lets take a look at the Celebrity Motorcade that makes it way down Hollywood Boulevard.

We ended up having to get a spot close to an hour before the parade, but it was worth it in order to be able to capture so many great (and unobstructed) photos.

Finally, lets take a look at the highlight of the event (in our opinion), Hyperspace Hoopla. This is very difficult to photograph because of all the changing lights and the fact that it akes palce at night. You will need a fast lens, high ISO and if you are comfortable, shooting in manual mode.

So there you have it, 20 photos from this years Star Wars Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you enjoyed this photos, we have posted more like it on Disney Photography Blog.

We will see you again soon with another Darkroom update.

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