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Flavio Fellini

Occupation: Director
Slogan: "No paycheck is teeny, not when you work with Flavio Fellini"
Originally from: Abruzzo, Italy
Birthday: October 27


Fellini hails from Italy and he left against the wish of his dear sainted mother who wanted him to stay home to tend to the Vineyards. He still fondly recalls the way mom's mustache would be tickled by the cool Italian evenings. He come to America to follow his dream and now he is the Biggest thing in Hollywood. He a Giant, He's huge. He was a nothing when he arrived but now he offers the 5 words of advice to others so one day they too can be a big as Flavio Fellini. Those 5 words : ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET

Flavio is seemingly very self assured and egotistic. Convinced of his dashing good looks and European charm he has no idea that his formidable size is not considered sexy in the States. He has countless ex wives he seldom mentions and often forget the final tally, yet he lives for love and passion and the Italian way. Proud of his adopted home America , he still holds true to his Italian roots. He falls in love instantly dozens of times each day and no new love is any less perfect than the one before or after.

Flavio dresses a little like Shrek in Green and a plaid scarf. He sometimes carries a mirror to gaze at himself. He is perpetually working on his new classic film, "Cannoli is to Love Me"

His young nephew Frederico wants to follow in Flavio's footstep but the boy has wild idea that would never work in the cinema. He has what seems to be akin to a sibling rivalry with fellow Italian Film Director Alberto Dante.