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Child Swap

Rider SwitchesRider Switches

What is Child Swapping?

Child swapping is a term that refers to allowing one parent to ride an attraction their children cannot ride while the other parent watches the child and then one parent A is done riding, parent B can ride while parent A watches the child. Obviously you don't have to be parents, just have someone in your party who cannot ride for one reason or another and an adult or two to accompany them.

How do I child swap?

How it works is simple, walk up to the Cast Member at the entrance to the line of an attraction and tell them you'd like to child swap. The cast member will present you with a rider switch ticket which is good for you and up to 3 other people in your party. At this point, parent A goes to ride while parent B waits with the kid. When parent A returns, parent B goes to ride while parent A watches.

Sometimes the cast member needs for the group to "produce the body" or prove they do in fact have a child.

Where can I child swap?

Technically, you could child swap at any attraction in Walt Disney World but it's most common at the more intense attractions. These attractions are Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster & Star Tours.

Would there be a reason I couldn't/wouldn't child swap?

If the line for an attraction is short, the cast member may simply tell you that waiting on the standby line both times would be fine.

Tips for what to do with your children during a child swap

So what do you do with your child while he/she waits while the adults ride? Here are some suggestions for what to do with your child at each attraction.

Attraction Activity
Rock 'n Roller Coaster
  • Have your child sing and/or dance to the music being played in the courtyard
  • There are benches across from the standby entrance to sit on
  • Look around in the gift shop
Star Tours
  • The Muppetvision fountain is not too far away for them to enjoy
  • The starspeeder bike is across from the attraction for them to play on
  • Face painting is also across from the attraction
  • Look around in the gift shop
Tower of Terror
  • Look at the on-ride photos
  • There are benches across from the gift shop and entrance to the attraction
  • There is a recessed area near the coffee stand across from the exit that is shaded and has benches
  • Look around in the gift shop

Alternatively, you can bring activities for the kids in the form of portable audio, video or game devices, coloring books or bubbles can entertain nearly anywhere.