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  1. What should be the next icon at Disney's Hollywood Studios?

    01 November 2014 - 09:22 PM

    The Orlando Business Journal wants to know.... what should be the next icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios?


    That's show business for you. In a blink, Walt Disney World confirmed last week it was yanking Mickey's sorcerer's hat as the centerpiece at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

    Mickey's hat was already being talked about before Disney made it official, but it was still a shock when Disney came forward to make what will be a major marketing and image change at the park.

    Also, it begins the dialogue about what can fill the shoes – err, hat? — of what guests will see as they walk into Hollywood Studios.

    The geek in me wants Disney to embrace one of its intellectual properties — say Star Wars – and use that as a way to maintain that "you are entering the movies" type of feeling. Disney — as well as fans— has voiced the need to expand the Star Wars brand at its parks, which would capitalize on the company's plans to release new films.

    Of course, Disney could just think "less is more" and allow The Great Movie Ride's iconic Chinese Theatre facade to be the first thing guests see. The Chinese Theatre is still a major landmark in the history of the movie industry in Hollywood, so it still fits in the grander be-in-the-movies scheme of the Disney theme park.

    That said, we're asking you in the survey below what you think should replace the sorcerer's hat at Disney Hollywood Studios. Also, feel free to add your own ideas of what can be a good centerpiece.

    Here is a link to the survey mentioned above: http://www.bizjourna...tudios/15788361

    In case the link dies, here are the options they're voting on:
    • Star Wars (i.e., a Death Star)
    • Pixar (i.e., Luxo Jr. lamp)
    • Cars (i.e., Radiator Springs backdrop)
    • Replica Hollywood sign
    • The "Earful" water tower
    • Nothing, keep the area open
    • Other (write-in comment)

    So what do you think? I've heard the rumor of The Great Movie Ride getting the facade of the Carthay Circle Theater, but I doubt that's going to happen. Thoughts? Ideas?


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