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Studio Kid's Disneyland Trip Report

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Posted 24 August 2008 - 09:51 PM

Well for most of August I was in California. Here's a report.

I arrived at the Disneyland Hotel on August 9th for a 1 night stay before heading on the mexican rivera disney cruise. On the 10th-17th it was a blast like usual but there's always something different but that's another post.

After returing to land on the 17th went back to the Disneyland Hotel. On that day we renewed our annual passes. Oh MAN THE LINES AT THE TICKET BOOTHS WERE HIDEOUS. It was insane. I mean I'm use to lines but we waited almost 40 minutes. Then it took us 15 to get into Disneyland Park. I did my usual Magic Kingdom style. Adventureland to Tommorrowland. It was weird the castle was so small It felt akward because I'm use to the humongous Cinderella Castle but hey it was still fun. When you get to the hub it was weird also for me to see Astro Orbiter sooooooooooo close to the hub.Also the Enchanted Tiki Room being in front of the entrance sign but I enjoyed. Here's my takes on the rides I rode in order.
Indiana Jones- Just simply amazing. It's like DINOSAUR except not as rough but the effects were AMAZING. Question why isn't in WDW?
Jungle Cruise- They weren't as funny but it was longer and the Audio Animatronics were cooler and realer.
Pirates of the Caribbean- More drops (2) same scenes but that old scene where they would shoot and rum would spill into the water was there.
Haunted Mansion- It seemed I liked WDW's better. Because the gallery scene is while your walking into the load zone. Also the stretch roomyou can see how they did it not like in WDW where you can't tell.
Splash Mountain- WDW's seemed better. It moves quickly through and you can't enjoy the 100 animatronics. But no matter where you sit in this 1 you WILL get wet.
Big Thunder Mountain-WDW's is better. Maybe because it's bigger and seemes faster. But here you can see the snakes, rats and other animatronics and the falling rock scene is better here.
Pinnochio Adventure- Cool fantasyland ride.
Snow White- WDW's seemed better maybe because I'm use to it but the Queen looking down is cool.
Peter Pan- Same except the NEVERLAND scene you see all of neverland and also it's shorter.
MR. TOAD- One word EXCELLENT why isn't he back yet I had soooooooooooooooo much fun on it I rode it 2 times. It's amazing because I never ride fantasyland rides back to back.
Alice in Wonderland- Pretty cool I like the outdoor scenes and the queen of hearts was cool.
Mattehorn- OMG The orginal is still the best let's keep it like that.
Finding Nemo- it's just the EPCOT ride underwater just glad to see them use the lagoon though.
Autotopia- Better than Indy because it's longer and the track is winding.
Space Mountain- WOW just incredible, why isn't WDW updated but it's still the original so I still like WDW better.
Star Tours- Same new outfits.
Buzz Lightyear- Same except the effects from magic our updated and larger. And the targets light up when you hit them.

Now The Great California Adventure on the 18th
Soarin' Over California- Ssme except same and instead of an aiport more like a desert working air hanger.
Muppet Vision- Same
Monster's Inc.- I actually enjoyed this ride and RAZ was cool. But i would rather see a roller coaster in Soundstage 1 than this.
Tower of Terror- Ok WDW's effects aren't as neat as this one but here the drops are the same I enjoy the random at WDW here it's the same but it was still the best ride.
It's Tough to Be a Bug-Same
California Screamin'- This ride is sick. Like RnRC except only one loop and outside but it's not better. It was still an awesome ride.
Toy Story Mania- Same except on your way from the practice to Hamm and Egg's all the tips they give you during the certain game are told while your moving there. Mr. Potato Head is outside so everyone can watch. The load zone and entire queue is outside. Also the line starts on the other side of the street and they have to stop traffic moving through the area so the line can cross didn't enjoy that but hey. THEIR GIFTSHOP WAS SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN OURS.
Sun Wheel- This ride was insane the swinging j=scared me because I'm thinking it's gonna fly off lol.
Maliboomer- I know not many enjoy but I liked it and I wish they would never take it away.
Muholland Madness- Better than Primeval Whirl
Golden Zephyer- Cool
Grizzly River Run- Waaaaaaayyyyyyy better than Kali because you WILL get wet.

Nighttime enetrtainment. Fireworks in Disneyland were like all the E-ticket rides preformed in the sky. Electrical Parade was cool.

And the next day like I do in Orlando went to Universal but as always enjoyed Disney better.

Well that was my trip. Leave comments if you saw the same thing on these rides or if you have any questions.
Thanks. Studio Kid.

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Posted 29 August 2008 - 08:03 AM

Thanks for the report! I like reading the comparisions between the 2 coasts. :D

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Posted 29 August 2008 - 11:04 AM

Thanks for posting your report :shifty:

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