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And The Magic Still Lives

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Posted 17 February 2005 - 11:40 PM

before i post this here by request, i just want to say that this report is from another site that i frequent and that is why there might be some references that those dont know me here might not follow; also if anyone wants me to email them a video of the room that was taken mostly by my daughter so it is a bit shaky but it does show the room at the hotel and on the ship too, just PM me your email addy; i have 2 of them, one 2MB and another 7.5MB depending on what you can receive:

And The Magic Still Lives At WDW (And On The DCL Too)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cast - Sarah - 12 1/2 - Disney Princess Forever
Susan - 49 - Definitely Out Of The Closet
Howie - 52 - What Is Left To Know About Me?

Venues - GF - Main Building Honeymoon Turret 4421
DCL Wonder - The Walter E Disney Royal Suite - Deck 8 - Room 8030


It took me a couple of days on the way home to come up with the title for this report. There were a couple that I had in mind like:

1)The End Of An Era - From Super Commando Tourer To Lazy Butt Tourer
2)Never Again In The Heat Of August

and such titles, but since they appear to be negative even though they are only tongue in cheek and in order to avoid any possible misinterpretations about my beloved magical home, I titled the report as you now see it.
This trip was thought of way back in 2002 even before we took our last one in December 2002. You see this was going to be a trip of a lifetime as a special present to Sarah for her Bat Mitzvah which was supposed to be in January 2004. The trip would have followed the Bat Mitzvah in August 2004 in a normal and perfect world. So with the help of Tink1 who immediately snagged the Walter E Disney Suite for us the instant it was available we began to plan away. However, as many of you know, Susan's father took ill and then passed away in January 2003 so we put off the Bat Mitzvah because Susan mourned her father for a full year which is one of the traditions in Judaism. And under the religious rules one cannot enjoy any kind of entertainment during the mourning period. We therefore moved the Bat Mitzvah up to January 2005 when Sarah turns 13 which is okay since girls can do it at 12 or 13 while boys must do it at 13 only. But the trip was already booked so we decided to keep that since it was after the year long period which ended in January 2004.

Now the trip was booked and the fun had begun. There were some potential problems with acquiring the room that we wanted so I took care of that instantly. You see, when you book the DCL land/sea package, the land portion coincides with your stateroom category on board. Since we booked the Royal Suite category, we were guaranteed a room in the GF BUT not necessarily in the main building concierge. That would be easily taken care of by calling Tink1 and telling her to book 3 extra nights before the package began at the honeymoon turret rate in the main building which is concierge of course. The thinking behind this was that once we were in that room we would be kept there. But as always easier said then done. I always had booked my trips myself before this trip but since we really wanted the Walt Suite on board and the GF honeymoon turret 4421 I thought it best to use Tink1 this trip since she has a wonderful reputation and I have known her for many years. Also since Susan still refuses to fly I figured we would need the extra nights to relax after the auto train ;-). But there were still more problems. The honeymoon turrets are really for 2 people so the DCL computers cannot download party of 3 into any of those rooms. It was kind of worked out that the GF concierge would manually do it when we arrived but there were too many people that didn't have a clue what was going on. Tink1 spoke many times to the DCL reps and GF itinerary planners as did I. But there still was some confusuon and I certainly didn't want confusion when we checked in so........................I asked Tink1 if she would mind if I called 'my' peeps. She said to do whatever I can to insure that I get what I wanted and paid for so I called 'you know who's' office and explained everything to them. And the rest is history as was posted by me on August 9. We were assured that the room in the GF was mine and we were on cloud 9 once again.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention about making all my PS's at 90 days out which of course wasn't a problem at all. We got all the places and times that we wanted including Cindy's and the Breathless cruise. After all, if I can do it for everyone else, I should be able to do it for myself lol. And I was calling for others during that time frame as well and always got someone their Cindy's before I got my own 'regular' PS somewhere ;-).

Day 1 - August 18 - The Auto Train Once Again

The day finally arrives and we set off to Lorton, Virginia to catch the auto train at a few minutes to 6 AM. The train departs at 4 PM daily and oversize cars like my jeep must be loaded by 2 PM. Knowing that the trip should take less than 5 hours at that time of day, 6 AM seemed like a good idea again ;-). So we zoom to the NJ/Delaware crossing in 2 hours, reach Baltimore in 3 hours and then get a bit of traffic on the DC beltway and arrive in Lorton by 10:30 AM. We drive past the station and head over to the same shopping plaza as last time to have lunch. They aren't open yet so we do some browsing in a huge and well kept Family Dollar store and then walk back to the restaurant at 11 AM. After lunch we head back to the station and guess what happend, we weren't first, we were about 5th in line now with the car. No biggie, and we choose the early dinner seating and get ready to sit in the terminal for a few hours again. The train ride was very much the same as last time so if anyone is interested I can pull up that part from my old trip report from RCH. The only difference was the movie which was Shrek2 on the way down as opposed to Signs like last time. We did get the best seats for the film since I didn't forget the trick from last trip ;-).

Day 2 - August 19 - Arrival In WDW - The Big Dole Whip Meet

Last year we arrived early in Sanford and made it to WDW by 10 AM. However, this year when we checked in at Lorton we were handed a paper which explained that there 'might' be some delays due to the company who owns the track, a CXS or CSX, was doing some maintenance on the rails. This might be a problem for us since I wanted to get to the park early enough to get my fancy haircut at the Harmony and then have our first PS meal at CP at 12:50 PM and then make the meet at 2 PM. Nothing like pressure on your first day, right? The train arrives at 9:30 AM and it looks like something would have to be sacrificed on our first day. It couldn't be the meet and we always eat at CP so it might have to be the hair. But the magic was flying and our car came off 6th and away we shot. I know how often I see complaints online about I4 but we have never found any traffic whenever we go. So on this Thursday morning at 9:45 AM we shoot over to I4 and manage to make it to the GF in 40 minutes. Gotta love those 65 mph limits(which allow you to go 78 or so without anyone saying boo). I valet the car and let them know that I will be valeting the entire stay. The bags are taken away and we go to checkin. The CM at the front desk takes my name and has us step out of line until the concierge comes down to get us. They bring us to the third floor and go over everything with us. Luckily the room isnt ready yet, but we are told it is 4421 :-), so we rush right over to the MK right on schedule for EVERYTHING. This morning on the train I put on my Howie's Angels Princess Breakfast teeshirt which can be seen in the photos on the site I saw. Susan told me later that this young couple on the monorail over to the park kept staring at my shirt and whispering to each other. Too bad they didn't say hello ;-). We get right into the park with no hang up with my long fingers at the turnstile since this trip we are using Ultimate Park Hoppers since we let our AP's expire last December. Next stop the Harmony Barber Shop where Michal is finishing up his only customer and the Dapper Dans are standing next to him performing. It seems that one of the Dans' wives was in there with her kids and they had just got back from some place and this was their greeting. Then another streetmosphere character came in to join them and she sang a beautiful song with them all. And we got to share in all their magic while awaiting my seat in the chair. Now it is my turn in the barber chair and I tell Michal what I am interested in. He immediately asks me if I know someone named Mike because he was there earlier and had a similiar request and told Michal that a Howie might be by to a bit later. Of course i told him that I knew Mike and he was someone I was going to meet up with at 2 PM. So Michal gives me the special treatment as can be seen in the pictures. At the end he uses a flourescent paint to write something on my forehead which he says Mike can explain to me since he wrote something on his forehead as well and we needed to go into an attraction like POTC with a black light to see the words clearly. Michal also told me that Dawick chickened out of the full treatment and only got a little pixiedusting in his hair and no word on his forehead either ;-).

Next we head to CP for lunch right on time. Hakuna Matata right about now because it looks like we will be on time for everything. CP is great as usual and all the CM's love the pixie dust in my hair stuck to the purple mousse. Then I turn around for them and they really crack up when they see my green mickey with his bobble eyes and catch on that this family loves the disney magic all the way :-). Towards the end of the meal since we are at table number 2 right by the front window I think I see HappyCamper walking by. So I call her cell and ask her where she is and she tells me that it wasnt her because she is over at the Plaza. I tell her that we will wait for her right outside CP in 10 minutes so we can introduce ourselves in real life for the first time and head over to Aloha Isle together for the meet. Sarah, Susan and I head out to the front of CP and wait.

Sarah, Susan and I are now waiting outside of CP for HC to come from the west. Next thing I know there is this big guy in front of me with green hair and I immediately know who it is - MikeS. We all exchange big hugs and MikeS gives Sarah a Disney pin that says congratulations on it, and then I see from behind a smiling face which when opens has a British accent and of course this is Dawick. More hugs and introductions to the family and then I explain that we are waiting for HC when Mike and Dawick laugh and tell me to turn around back to the east and guess who is there with a huge smile on her face - HappyCamper herself. It seems that she went back to Aloha Isle first and then came along with MikeS and Dawick to meet us. So more hugs and introductions and then we all head over together to the meet. Everybody is getting along just like one big happy family on the way over. As we approach the meet, there is Timon, Janice and Robby, poly, her husband and two daughters, wdwden and jenine, then comes the 5 H's and snowwhite and MikeS's wife Carol. This is a wonderful meet and a first time for us meeting everyone except JimH who we briefly met at the Maryland House rest stop on the way down last trip. Then the phones start ringing and we are speaking to clubhouse members from all across the country - what a thrill. After an hour or so hanging out we decide to all go to see Mickey's Philharmagic which most of the others had already seen that day but we had never ever seen it before since it wasn't built on our last trip. We try the Disney Slide By and get great seats in two consecutive rows. The show was great and we really liked it and this attraction and the meet was a great way to start off our first day in WDW.

It is now approaching 4 PM and it is time to say some farewells and get back to the GF and checkin to our room. We do have plans to eat with Dawick tonight at 1900 Park Fare at 6:00 PM. So we set a time to meet up with Dawick near 1900 and we set sail for the GF. Upon our return we are told that 4421 is all ready for us and we make our way around the railing to the turret. Sarah asks to use the key card to open the door, and as a matter of fact on this trip her key to the world card is good for charging to the room as well which gives her a big thrill and gives Susan and me some agita lol. When the door opens and we look in we are really surprised at how much nicer the room is then we remember it. Besides the redecorating, the room actually looks larger. Once inside, the bathroom and huge walkin closet are to the right with a very nice double vanity outside the bathroom. Then into the main area which has a fully enclosed wet bar, a king bed pushed back against the south wall directly facing the castle and there are also love seats, chairs, c*cktail and coffee tables around the room as well. Then a knock at the door and in come our bags and the roll away for Sarah. This is a perfect room for 2 and even for 3 ;-). The views are outstanding, each window faces a different part of the resort with the north window looking directly at Cindys castle. This view seems a bit different than last time and I finally realize what it is. Since we stayed at the GF in this room right after opening, the trees were not yet fully grown. Now that they are grown you see the castle right over the top of the trees, still a perfect view but different from the last time. From the east windows we can see the Contemporary, the WL green roof and the VWL red roof, Spaceship Earth and then the Dolphin tower and then more south we see TOT. The next views going south give us a great view of the Poly and the GF beach and Wedding Pavilion. Good thing i brought binoculars for the cruise because we kept using them in the GF too. And then around the room there were certain gifts like Pal Mickey and a Grumpy sleepshirt that I had the concierge place there for my princesses and there were also some very nice surprises and gifts for us from both certain clubhouse members and the concierge which made everything that much more magical and special. Now we can unpack a bit before dinner.

We go downstairs and meet Dawick in front of Park Fare and have a great dinner after I bond with the cutest Alice who is in the waiting area greeting guests who are waiting to be seated. When she sees my hair and the Mickey head piece of pixie dust stuck on my nose she comes over to me and starts to talk and tells me how weird I am in this great British accent. She is about 5 feet tall and really looks like Alice and is supposed to be only at the breakfasts not at dinner but i guess the Disney magic was waiting for us that night ;-). So I spin around and tell her that if the front is weird how about this. She really gets a kick out of the back of my head with the green Mickey with bobble eyes and keeps playing with me/us. So I tell her that we are all full of the Disney magic and why not play when we come to WDW and she should really talk with her countryman next to me since they both have the same accent. So we all talk for a few minutes with her staying in character the whole time. Then we get seated and have the usual wonderful first night dinner. One problem was that a few times after wiping my mouth with the napkin, the nose dust kept falling off and i kept looking for it under the table and kept sticking it back on. Finally Susan said to stop picking it up off of the dirty floor so i had to leave it :-( . Now dinner ends and we head out and decide to go back with Dawick to the MK and meet up with MikeS, CarolS, WDWDen and Jenine to see Wishes. On the way out as Alice is playing with other guests she sees me and stops and points to her nose indicating that she sees that my dust is gone. So i tell her that my wife had me stop picking it up off of the dirty floor. She then walks away from the guests she is talking with and stoops over, picks up a pice of dust from the floor around her, walks over to me and reaches way up and sticks it right on the tip of my nose where it should be. Everyone is amazed at this and it seems that we had bonded that night and susan and sarah kept ribbing me about it and moaned each time i told the story afterwards lol.

Now back to the MK and knowing where MikeS always said to watch Wishes from we all headed there and found him and Carol. And then we found Den and Jenine and we all watched Wishes together. This was the first time seeing it for us and it was truly magical although due to the weather Tink didn't fly that night. Then I offer Dawick, Den and Jenine a ride back to their hotels after a stop at the GF Concierge for some Grand Indulgences ;-). So we all head back to the GF, head upstairs for some goodies and Dawick of course has some huge soft chocolate chip cookies and then susan and sarah go back to the room and i take Den and Jenine back to SSR and then Dawick back to the Dolphin and then I come 'home' to the GF for the night.

So day 1 in WDW is over and it was as magical as ever :-). Tomorrow is our first full day in the MK and since it isnt an EE/EMH day there Susan gets to sleep until Mickey calls at 6:30 AM lol. And of course it will be breakfast with my Cindy.

Day 3 - August 20 - Breakfast With Cindy/Evening Woes

In the past we always based our trip on EE days and planned a character breakfast in the park that was open early that morning. But this time, for our first full day at WDW, we just had to spend it at the MK and have breakfast with Cinderella. And since this trip we were planning to meet up with others, we took that into consideration as well and decided on a 9:50 AM ressie at Cindy's with the H's who prefer a later seating and general start to the day. No problem to secure the exact time we wanted 90 days out ;-) so that was taken care of. But we did arrive at the MK early enough to see the official opening celebration since we were only staying one stop away. Once inside the park we headed over to Splash and basically had a walk-on, Sarah and I rode and Susan waited by the photo area. Then another walk-on to Big Thunder, but here Sarah rode alone because I decided not to jeopardize my back this trip especially so early into it. Then with plenty of time to spare before breakfast, we went over to Space and grabbed 3 fast passes for later on. They were good for anytime from 10:30 that day until the end of time ;-). Then we headed over to the castle. Sarah checked in for us and just happened to mention that it was our and Kim and Jims' wedding anniversary to the CMs at the podium. I waited outside in back of the castle for the H's arrival while Susan and Sarah waited inside. Sarah had told the CM that our entire party wasn't here yet and we had checked in at 9:45 so we were early. Then all of a sudden i see the H's approaching from fantasyland and the 2 cutest little princesses, jasmine and cinderella, come running up to me with big hugs and greetings. So everyone now enters the castle and the cameras are going wild. Unfortunately, this time the Royal Ditchek Family wouldn't be announced at Cindys Castle but that is another story better left in the past for this report. Our name is announced and we walk upstairs - the elevator has been down for a couple of days it seems, and we get seated at 1 table together although it is really for 6 but our 8 squeeze right in. Cindys was as magnificient as ever between the food and character interaction. And then the surprises came that Sarah ahd prepared for the two anniversary couples - each couple received a pair of those wonderful CRT champagne flutes :-). I advised the girls that they should keep their eyes on the back wall and the windows outside in case they might want to see Paeter Pan and Captain Hook scoot past while changing scenes in the show out front. So the 3 princesses head to the back and get lucky and catch Peter and Hook a couple of times.

Next stop is Mickey's Toon Town Fair since the ride of choice seems to be Goofys Barnstormer. This was a walk-on as well and then afterwards a soaking at Donalds Boat and then the Barnstormer a few more times and then a major soaking at Donalds again. Then some time in the Judges Tent for shopping and on to visit with Ariel. Here the sign said a 40 minute wait or so. I decided to wait in line while most of the others played in the water and Alex played his gameboy. Finally at the last possible entrance point everyone joined me and we had some fun with Ariel. The H princesses really had Ariel going and stayed with her longer than usual while telling Ariel all about all their favorite princesses. Next was Sarah's turn and then we headed out of the grotto catching a little glimpse behind the walls of what was once a wonderful attraction - 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and is now a big pit of dirt. It was time for us to say our good-byes since tonight I had made plans for dinner at Boatwrights and a carriage ride around the property afterwards. However I soon learned that I am no longer invulnerable ;-).

The days so far were very hot and they seemed to be taking a toll on me which i was unaware of. We went back to the GF and I rested a bit on the bed and fell asleep for about half an hour. Then when I got up to shower for dinner, I developed the worst leg cramps imaginable in my left thigh, both front and back. For those interested in anatomy, the involved muscles were the quadriceps group up front and the biceps femoris in the back of the thigh. And you know how large and strong these muscles are so I was really in excruciating pain. Each time I tried to get up they cramped up. I could only lie down in one certain posture to keep from cramping. I deduced that all of this was from dehydration and I decided to drink a whole lot of fluids in the parks from now on and take it a bit easier. So Susan called dining and they cancelled dinner and the carriage ride without any penalties. It was thunderstorming and lightening anyway which happened most of the early evenings while we were there, so the carriage ride might not have been a good idea anyway. Luckily there was plenty to eat just outside our room at the concierge lounge so Susan and Sarah dined there and brought me back plenty of salty foods to replenish me. When I felt better we took a walk around the GF and did some shopping. I bought myself a Mickey watch at Commander Porters as well as a shirt that MikeS told me about. It is a short sleeve collared shirt with all the attractions on it. Then we bough Sarah a Mickey watch in Mouse Mercantile then and went to Gaspirilla Games and Sarah played some games and actually won another watch in one of the push the button and stop on a prize games lol. Now back up to the room for a restful night and a recalculation of my touring plans.

Day 4 - MGM and Tentatively Fantasmic

MGM was the EE/EMH day today and we planned to have breakfast at the concierge lounge and then get over to MGM for the opening. We did exactly that and were pretty much first at the turnstiles after parking right up front. Sarah loves RnR so we headed right over but since i wasnt into nor capable of walking all that fast there were others who went in front of us. So instead of waiting the 15 minutes we grabbed a fast pass and went over to the GMR and got on in the first load. Then back slowly back to RnR where we got right in with the fast passes since they were for not much later then we got there in the first place lol. Of course Sarah went on alone. Then over to the first showing of Millionaire. We grabbed a fast pass for the first show and waited in One Mans Dream until show time. No hot seat this time although all three of us were always in the the top ten. From what I could hear, just about everyone knows the trick of clicking away as soon as you know the answer so there is really no edge there anymore. Next to the backlot area just to see what is going on. We spent some time talking to a CM who was filling us in on all the new stuff going on and we saw the new San Francisco backdrop which looks great. We did some shopping in the Villain store and Celebrity 5 & 10 and just strolled around until lunch at SciFi at 11:30 AM. We had also grabbed a fast pass for Indy for later on that day. We had a FDP at H & V for 6:00 PM but it started to rain so we went back to the GF to wait it out and then to come back. But there was a terrible lightening storm again so Susan called and cancelled with no penalty for that evening also. But no concierge dinner that night, we decided to eat at 1900 Park Fare again and they gave me a beeper that I took upstairs to the room that went off in about half an hour. Dinner was great as usual but no Alice this time - I was looking forward to palying with her again lol.

Tomorrow is Epcot after a 7 AM Chef Mickeys and we are meeting up with my sister and her family at the Pin Station there at 10:15 AM.

Day 5 - Epcot and The Arrival(late) of the Sister

Today we had a 7 AM PS at Chef Mickey's so I drove over from the GF and valeted the car since after breakfast we would be spending the day and supposedly the evening in Epcot. Breakfast was great and we were seated absolutely first after our pictures being taken. This time we actually purchased the photos since we want many to choose from for Sarah's Bat Mitzvah photo montage. The characters all started by our table so we got to see all of them quite early. Sarah mentioned to the CMs about our anniversary so we received a nice little birthday cupcake at the end. Then i got my car back from the valet and drove to Epcot and parked way up front. Since today was not an EE/EMH day for Epcot we arrived before 8 AM and were also first at the turnstiles there. The only others that were arriving so early were those dining at PSB for breakfast and they all went way over to the right side. Also, today my sister was to arrive at Epcot for her 8:30 AM PSB PS and then was to meet us at the pin trading station behind Spaceship Earth. So we waited and watched as the lines formed behind us and as all the families walked into the park towards PSB. Then around 8:40 Sarah noticed my sister, her husband and their son walking by the leave a legacy monuments on their way to PSB and called out to them. They were rushing and my sister said that they were late and had to hurry lol. We entered the park at 8:45 AM and the CM on the segway told everyone that they had to follow him towards the rope by guest relations and wait again until 9 AM, and then to follow him over to MS and TT which were the usual big draws in the AM. Although we were first I couldnt keep up once the ropes dropped and everyone kept passing the segway. Sarah was able to keep up and we told her that we would meet her at mission space. On the way in i grabbed three fast passes for later and then walked right on. As we approached the the loading area and told the CM that we were just passing through we saw sarah right up front in line. When the doors opened we were let in first to pass through and went all the way towards the exit. Susan and I played some games and waited for Sarah who came out and was thrilled. It seems that she had a whole capsule to herself because the other two with her chickened out at the last minute. She was the commander and loved the ride. We did see one person come out and look quite sick but everyone else seemed fine. I think that I could have ridden it because motion sickness doesnt bother me but i was still concerned about my back so i passed on it. After MS we headed over to TT and went on the single rider line. Susan went through and Sarah and I went on TT in different cars. Then over to Mouse Gear to shop and prepare for my sister's arrival at the pin station. In mouse gear we spent a lot of time with a very nice manager who showed us many different items that we could buy for the kids' favors at sarah's bat mitzvah. We need about 80-90 kids favors. We looked at everything from small plushes to photo albums and such but we didn't make a decison since many things had 2004 on them and we want 2005 so we can always call wdw mail order and order things in december. Now over to the pin trading station to expect a nice wait for my sister who is always a 'bit' late. But lo' and behold, they show up right on time. She told me that PSB held her PS or in other words they were half empty so it wasn't a problem getting in 25 minutes after their PS time lol.

Sarah and Jesse, who is 9, hugged each other up and they started looking at pins. They both bought some and then with my sister's blessing we decided to follow my ideas of where to go in future world ;-). We headed right over to JIYI and walked on and then played a bit in image works and then i suggested we should move on to HISTA which was a good idea because we got right in with 3 minutes to go to the preshow. Then I taught my sister the double disney slide by, first in the pre show and then in the theater and we got fantastic seats. Even she was impressed and said so which is rare to get a compliment out of her. After HISTA we headed over to the land and got fast passes for the ride and then walked into the circle of life film. Then right on to the ride and then they had a PS for lunch with the rehitichin' ceremony and we headed back to the hotel for a rest because we wanted to return to WS later and had a PS at Alfredo's for dinner. However, once back at the hotel we saw the ominous black clouds covering SE from our window and then the lightening and thunder. So we cancelled the PS and ate at the concierge once again. Then I told susan that we can circle the resorts and not get wet in the monorail and get off at the Contemporary and shop a little. And that is exactly what we did that night. We bought some stuff at the Contemporary shops and then rode the rail back to the GF for the night, sneaking in some grand indulgences desserts at the concierge once again :-). And tomorrow is AK and the Breathless Cruise with family and Dawick.

Day 6 - AK EE, BW & FF & Breathless

This morning we had plans to eat at Donald's with my sister and since AK was the EE/EMH park of the day, I booked an 8 AM PS with Donald. Even though after last trip I found out that they do not do the family of the day at Donald's anymore when you arrive first, I still wanted to be very early as usual. And knowing my sister, we really didnt expect her to be there with us since she was offsite and not a puntucal person ;-). So we drive over from the GF and eventually wind up first at the turnstiles. I wasn't sure if we would drive or take the bus until that morning since last time we drove we were held up at the gates to the parking lot until they were good and ready to let us in, while the Disney buses got in before us. But since they didn't have the first family thingy anymore, I figured we would still be among the first to make it to Donalds if we drove, so I did, as it is always better to be in command of your own transportation. We arrive about fifth at the parking lot around 7:20 AM and everyone else is in one line even though 4 green lights are on. Knowing what that means I pull over to an empty lane with the green light on which I know is fine to do. And then a really magical thing happens. Around 7:40 we see my sister walking past our car heading to the CM's in the main booth. We call to her and she says she is going to ask about why we are held up at the gates if we have an 8:00 AM PS. She just doesn't get it lol. So she goes back to her car and waits. As soon as they let us in we zoom over and park up front and get right in pretty much even with the Disney bus people sicne I know to head over to the right to the CM's expecting you for brekkie. We then make it over to Donald's in the first group BUT no sign of my sister. We check in and tell them that we are waiting more of our party. It takes a good 15 minutes for my sister to get there with my nephew and she tells me that Steve is held up at the security checkin line. But we all go in and get the table after a pic of us all which my sister purchases this time after breakfast. To my amazement we enter through a different door this trip, not the main door right in front of the large mural and the Mickey D serving area. It seems that they changed everything. We entered through the side door and the seating area is there where it always was BUT the buffet is not where it used to be but right where we used to enter at the Mickey D stations. No big deal, the food is great as ever and the characters are also patient and not in any rushes. The CM's are also as playful as ever and got my sister and susan again with the phony ketchup bottle and water camera trick lol. At first my sister was really po'd about the ketchup, thinking that it was real ketchup being accidently squirted on her clothes until she realized that is was just a fake rubber stream attached to the bottle lol. By now Steve was with us and we were having a great time taking many pics of us all together and with the characters. At the end of breakfast Sarah and I scoot out to Primeval Whirl alone since Jesse isn't into the big bumpy rides yet. Sarah and I approach the attarction just as they drop the ropes and nobody else is in sight. So she rides it over and over again about 5 times until the others come over and then they ride Triceratop Spin together. Next stop is Africa since my nephew is into animals and that is really his passion. So we grab a fast pass for the Safaris and see that it is a 20 minute wait time, so we head over to the Exploration Trail and as soon as we finish we walk on via our fast passes to Kilimanjaro and Sarah asks the CM if they can ride up front and we get the first 2 rows. My nephew really loves this ride and we all play along with the creaky bridge and poachers theme for him. Next, Sarah wants to take him on Kali so we head over there. We get 6 fast passes knowing that Susan, my sister and I wont be going so the others can go twice in a row. Here again there is about a 15 minute wait for our FP time so we do the Jungle Trek and as we exit we are just in time for Kali. So my BIL, Sarah and Jesse head into to FP return and I tell Susan and Teena that I will go over to Bug and get fast passes for us all while they wait for the reride of the others. So I take all the passes and head to the Tree. When I get there I see that there is no wait and therefore the FP machines are covered. So I return to Asia and wait with the others. At this point the first time on Kali is done and they go on again. They didnt get too soaked either time but loved it and it was great to see my nephew having such a good time. You see, if you think that Sarah is over-protected you ain't see nothin' like how my sister overprotects her son lol. She has another older daughter who just finished her second year as an associate attorney at Cravath(bragging here) and who wants to and will become a supreme court judge one day and who my sister was very permissive with BUT this time around is another story. Anyway, back to the AK. We now head over to ITTBAB and walk right in. However, we just make it to the entry point and are told we must wait for the next show which is fine - it is so cool there and we will be first at the doors and can use the Disney Slide By to choose perfect seats. While waiting at the doors a family of 3 pushes past us and I notice that the woman is becoming very anxious. I overhear them talking about how to get out and I explain that all they have to do is wait until the doors open and then head right across the rows and out. The husband tells me that his wife is very nervous about being underground in dark and crowded places like this. So when the doors open they head across and she leaves and they stay on the far end while I plan our seats. We get perfect middle of the row 7th row back. Meanwhile Sarah is preparing Jesse with their backpacks about how to position them on the back of the seats to avoid................well maybe some of you don't know all the secrets of the attractions yet so I'll leave this out ;-). Jesse loves the show but doesn't get the full effect due to the backpack BUT does get a jolt out the the exiting feature lol. Now it is around 12:30 PM and we were supposed to either eat at Tusker House or RFC but the 3 of us decide to go back to the GF while my sister stays at the park since she only bought 4 day hoppers and doesnt want to miss anything. And we are eating together at Flying Fish tonight and doing the Breathless cruise together so we say our goodbyes for now.

I actually wanted to get back to the hotel because we kept missing the DCL checkin desk which has different hours during the week and I think today was closing at 1 PM. We make it in time and give in all our documents and are all set with that. Now I secretly speak with the concierge on the 3rd floor wile my two princesses are snacking above at the lounge. I wanted to order some of those special desserts like the white chocolate slippers, plutos bones and individual castle cake for the next day when I planned to have lunch at the lounge. At checkin when I asked the concierge how long in advance it would need to be ordered they told me 24 hours so I thought I was okay. But the concierge now told me to call private dining which I did and they told me that only the slippers could be ready in 24 hours while the others needed 72 hours and that would be Thursday after we left. So a bit disappointed(only for now - remember the magic of Disney ;-) ) I ordered 3 white chocolate slippers and told them to have them delivered to the concierge lounge on Tuesday at 1:30 PM. Now I join my family at lunch in the lounge and then we reitre to the room to relax and wait until our 6:15 PM dinner at FF and then hopefully no lightening/thunderstorms like everyother night so far and the Breathless.

Inside the room we are frantically watching the skies over Epcot because we really dont want to have to miss tonight. It is getting a little bit dark but more to the south east of the parks so we are hopeful. Funny thing about magic is that when I tried to get the Breathless cruise on my first call it was for the night before and even though my success rate for calling is close to 100% I actually didnt get through the first time. SO I imagine the magic is so strong even at 90 days out that it knows the weather in advance and didn't want to ruin our night since the next day I got right through ;-). Now we drive over to the BW and valet the car around 5:30 PM. We take a walk around the hotel and then the lake because by now the secret slipped out and Susan wanted to see the Breathless. So we approach all the pontoons by the Y&B Marina and then Susan ses this flat brown thing in the water and gasps, 'Is that it'? I explain to her that it is just as long as the pontoons at 24-25 feet but is only an optical illusion that is is smaller which is actually the truth. But she thinks I am just schmoozing her into being more secure about it lol. So now we walk back around to the BW and sit upstairs in the Belle Vue Lounge for a few minutes and then we go down to the lobby to await my sister. She actually is on time again and we head over to the FF. Dinner was superb and I had the delicious steak since I wasnt going to eat at Shulas this trip.. The steak was great but wasnt exactly like Shulas but I enjoyed it just the same. It was now about 7:30 and we headed out to start over to the Breathless and await Dawick. But as we exited the FF we heard a familiar voice and it was Dawick heading back to the Dolphin to get ready. I introduced him to my sister and her family and then we headed around to the Breathless and Dawick went off to the Dolphin for a few minutes. Dawick returns and we go and all checkin with Aaron the driver and also the CM who does all the checkins for the cruises. Dawick remembered him from his New Years Eve pontoon cruise since they were in the next boat from Aaron and his Breathless and he and Dawicks driver were all joking around together that night. We asked if Dawicks new years eve pilot was there that night because he wanted to say hello but he was off mondays and tuesdays now. He wanted to say hello again and introduce me because they had a good laugh back then. You see I booked Dawicks cruise for him and I left my work number for a contact number. So when the driver called up to ask about if they wanted to add food and such and he got an animal hoispital he was kinda in a fog. But then when my receptionist heard it was from disney she knew right away to get me and I explained all to him and we had a good laugh.

So we boarded the Breathless and headed off around the lake and then to MGM and then back to Epcot. Dawick sat upfront with the driver and then we others sat in the back two rows, me, sarah and jesse right behind and susan, teena and steve in the back row. We had done the pontoon illuminations cruise before but this was so much better. Aaron didnt go real fast but the boat is so close to the water and he parks in front of all the pontoons at the brdge that the view was fabulous. Even Susan who was apprehensive when she saw the boat just loved it. Illuminations was as spectacular as ever and I highly recommend this specialty cruise to anyone who wants that extra special bit of magic at WDW and I am always available to help you get it ;-). Dawick was leaving the next day and he had the clubhouse book to give to me but when we said our goodbyes we both forgot about it. So when we got back to our room there was a message from him to call him and we set up to get the book the next morning before he returned to England which i will cover in the next part.

Day 7 - Change Of Plans, Spontaneous Touring & Great Desserts

This morning we had planned to have breakfast at Cape May Cafe which has always been a great character breakfast and then hit MGM a little before returning to the GF concierge lounge for some surprise desserts as I mentioned above. But since everyone(Susan and Sarah) was enjoying the GF lounge meals so much and we wanted to meet up with Dawick to get 'the book' into circulation we decided to cancel to PS at Cape May. Dawick had told me that he wanted to head to DD to find some gifts to take back home so I told him that I would pick him up, get 'the book' and take him to DD. Then afterwards Susan, Sarah and I would go to Belz and try and find some great deals for the Bat Mitzvah favors at the Disney outlets there. We agree to meet out front of the Dolphin around 9:15 and as we approach, there is Dawick out front. So we head to DD and say our goodbyes again and this time I take 'the book' lol. Next, a quick drive over to Belz where we arrive before opening time. The place is very empty except for us so when they lift the gates we go right in and look around the store. They have some very nice bargains especially clothing and old pins at a great price if one needs cheap pins to trade at WDW but nothing that we can use for favors. So we leave and go to the second Belz Disney outlet and the same thing basically. So we go back to DD and do a little shopping there at the regular prices unfortunately lol. It is still pretty early so we head back and stop at Epcot and Sarah gets to use the the fast pass from Sunday at Mission Space and gets right on. Then we do the single rider line at TT and Sarah rides alone this time while Susan and I head across to wait. Now back to the GF for a great dessert.

We arrive back at the hotel around 1:00 PM and they are still serving a great lunch, all kinds of fruits, veggies, appetizers and cold cuts. So we make ourselves some plates and I sneak over to the concierge and ask them if they can get the desserts out a bit early since we are here. Then while we are finishing our lunch over comes a waiter with a big tray with 3 white chocolate slippers on top. He places them on the table and Susan's eyes light up. Although Sarah pretty much knows about this surprise, Susan is in the dark and she loves it. Susan arranges the table and I take a bunch of pictures of them before eating(which I will post on my site) and even some of the concierge staff come over to check them out because they say they have never seen them before. While we are eating, one of the concierge staff, Patti, a long time concierge CM, comes over and we talk with her for a good half hour or more about everything from the good old days at the GF when Mickey and Minnie wore formal wear at the 1900 Park Fare character dinner when the hotel first opened to present day stuff. I mention to her how I really wanted the Plutos Dog Bones and the individual castle cake but there wasn't enough time so we decided on 3 slippers. She was very very nice and we enjoyed talking with her, not having seen her on the floor up to this point during our trip. Then it is back to the room to relax a bit since after dinner at WCC we wanted to stay late in the MK to see Spectromagic and have another minimeet with some clubhouse members.

The dinner PS is for 6 PM at the WL and we made it there because it is our favorite hotel and we wanted to spend some time there this trip. My sister wanted to join us that evening as well but she called us that day and said it seemed that Steve had come down with a bad cold and that Jesse was also showing signs of one, so she didnt want to expose us. She told me that she had spoken with some CMs and they told her that many kids were already home from school with this bug in Florida by now even though school had just started a couple of weeks before. So we head over to the WL and valet the car and walk in. The lobby is as beautiful as ever and has that great aroma and since we are early we walk around a bit. Then we checkin to the WCC which is pretty full and we get wild Bobby as our waiter. As we sit down we immediately notice that the table behind us must have asked for kethcup which is easy to notice if you know what I mean ;-). Meanwhile Bobby is embarassing the 3 couples, all adults, at the next table too lol. Now it is Sarah's turn. We all order our drinks and he comes out with two regular sized mugs and a huge one about a foot and a half tall with a very long straw in it for Sarah. She is cracking up because it is way to big for her she she makes the mistake of asking Bobby for a smaller mug. So he makes a huge announcement that the princess wants a smaller mug and heads back into the kitchen. He returns with a shot glass sized mug of coke BUT with that same very long straw in it. Sarah is still laughing it up and doesn't feel one bit embarassed or at least doesn't show it ;-). And I get that huge mug to drink from now :-). Just before dinner is over I excuse myself from the table and tell Susan and Sarah that I would meet them in the lobby. I head over to the pin cart where sweet old Inez is still the CM there and we speak a bit and I buy the Tink lanyard set for Sarah since, as I said earlier, she is really into Tink now and although she had most of the pins on the lanyard and they are dupicates on the lanyard themselves, she gets the lanyard and 4 more pins to trade especially for the cruise since all of her trades up to now got her some great limited edition pins and she didnt want to trade any of those away. Sarah enjoys the surprise gift and we get the car, head back to the GF and then take the monorail over the the MK to play a little and then meet up with some other clubnhouse members before Spectromagic and to exchange the book I got from Dawick after making my own entry.

The meet was supposed to take place, from what I thought, by the shooting arcade in Frontierland at 8 PM a half hour before the parade. So we arrive there about 10 minutes to 8 and look around. We get a great place for the parade and I walk back and forth trying to find the clubhouse people. I even start calling out some names like Linda and Sheri but nobody answers. It starts to rain again but we stick it out until about 8:20 and then decide to leave and it was just in time because it started to rain quite heavy. So we return to the hotel and watch Wishes again from our room which is a perfect view by the way. The next day was an open day and we planned to do some packing up and have a couple of favorite meals before heading off bright and early on Thursday for Port Canaveral and the Wonder. But there is also a great surprise in store, for even me, from the Concierge.

Day 8 - Relaxing, Catching Up, Packing and A Grand Surprise

This is to be our last full day in WDW before leaving for the cruise. Sarah had wanted to go back to the WS at Epcot since we missed it due to rain the first time around this trip. And since we had plans and a PS to eat at the Garden Grill and get rehitched again we figured that would be the way to go. We ate a later breakfast at the concierge lounge and then headed out to Epcot by car. We valeted at the BC and took the boat over to the IS and went in. I still had the 3 extra fastpasses for MS from the other day so that was a given that Sarah would do it again today. The park is pretty empty and there is no wait at Rio del Tiempo or Maelstrom. Then we decide to try for lunch at Alfredo's since we missed it for dinner and cancel the PS at the GG. We were already rehitched there so we didnt mind and we all love the food at Alfredos. So I walk in to Alfredos and with my still pretty good Italian after 22 years post graduation in Italy, and ask if we can have a PS for for lunch. The CM says that a PS wouldnt be necessary for 12:30 since it is pretty empty but she pencils me in anyway. We now do a little more WS touring the other way. We go and walk right into the American Adventure since we haven't seen this for years and wanted Sarah to experience it now that she can appreciate it fully. There were only about 30 people in the entire auditorium - amazing. Next a bit of patriotic shopping and buying that we set up to be picked up at the IS when we leave since there wouldnt be time to have it sent to the hotel before we checkout tomorrow morning. Now back to Alfredos for a great lunch and dessert. Then we head down to FW and head over to MS and to the FP return line and give in the FPs and get right in. Sarah rides again while we pass through and this time she has a full capsule. Then over to TT for the single riders line and Sarah goes alone this time here too. We spend some more time in FW and then head back to WS via the ship after another Beverly ;-). On to the IS and pick up our packages and then into the boat towards the BC. However, the lightening came again and the CM said we have to stay put and the boat couldnt leave the dock until the all clear signal. So we sat there for about 20 minutes and then the boat took us first to the BW and then to the Y&B where we got off, got the car and headed back to the GF.

Our plans were to pack almost everything and then go to Chef Mickey's for dinner. However, in the middle of packing there is a knock at the door. When Sarah goes to ask who it is, the CM says that he has a surprise for us. So Sarah opens the door and almost faints when she sees a CM carrying a tray on which is a white chocolate Mickey with some tuxedo strawberries. Now I know that I didn't order this since I was under the impression that only private dining at the Y&B offers this and it takes 3 days as well. Of course Susan and Sarah thought it was me but when we looked at the card we saw that it was from the staff and concierge of the GF. Wow what a wonderful surprise and we had just eaten too BUT it is magic so.....................we take the plate outside to the lounge and get some glasses of pink lemonade and begin to draw and quarter poor Mickey by hand and enjoy his every body part ;-). And those strawberries are absolutely delicious too. We had a feeling that it was Patti behind the surprise so when we see her later we ask and she smiles and says yes so we thank her immensely. I guess a CM has a lot of pull to get things done quicker then a guest since I thought you needed 3 days to order the Mickey. Anyway now we decide to just cancel Chef Mickey's for dinner since we are so full and have a light dinner at the lounge. We finish packing and I attach the DCL luggage tags to the bags and we decide to just ride the monorail around for a full loop our last night in WDW. We catch Wishes from our window again and this time we see that Tink actually flies this night. Good thing I had brought those binoculars for the cruise because we could see her well flying from the castle to Tomorrowland. Now off to bed because tomorrow morning we want to set out bright and early to the port. We planned to eat our last breakfast at 1900 as usual but we cancelled this as well and opted for the concierge brekkie so we could get an early start.

Day 9 - Check Out And The DCL Wonder

This is the day we have been waiting for for close to two years. Yes, the WDW stay is always magical BUT we never ever sailed on the DCL before so this was truly exciting. Mickey wakes us up around 6:30 AM like I needed to be woken up ;-). We prepare everything and then have a little breakfast. I call for the bellman and when he asks how many bags, I amaze even myself when I say 19 bags. Seems that we acquired a couple while at WDW. That new luggage set I posted about really was a great and helpful find. We even had to buy a nice MM duffle bag from the GF for purchases and presents as well. I call down to the valet and tell them we will be down in about 10 minutes. Then thorugh the concierge lounge where we fondly say our goodbyes to everyone and next down the elevator to the lobby. I load the car which isn't as easy as on the way down since there are more bags but I make do. Then we are off to the port by 9:30 AM since I want to be very early to spend time at the terminal. When I took care of all the documents with the CM at the DCL desk in the GF lobby she gave me a card to present as soon as I entered the terminal that said we are concierge guests so they would take extra special care of us. I kept this card right in my passport case with all 3 passports. I4 is pretty smooth and then to the BeeLine/528. No traffic at all and we zoom on towards the port. I make excellent time and before 10:30 just as all the descriptions say, as we pass over the first bridge nearing the port we see the ship!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, talk about excitement building by the second. Even my finally out of the closest disneylovin' wife is excited when she sees the Wonder in the distance. Now the next bridge and it is even closer, we are actually oohing and aahing in the car as we get closer and closer. Then we follow the signs and make our way around to the drop off area after showing our passports to get inside and their checking our names off their list. We are right outside the terminal and you can feel the magic(or wonder in this case ;-) ) in the air all around us. We leave all the bags and then drive back to the parking area and we park right next to the covered walkway which is where you enter again. The lot is basically empty since it is just about 10:30 now but I wanted to.....................well you know me by now lol. Now we show our passports again and then enter thorugh the security area and pass the carry on bags through. For some reason the buzzer sounds when I go through and we figure out it is my Mickey pin that I always wear so they say to cover it with my hand and then right through and no buzz. Now we enter the terminal and it is glorious. There are maybe 15 other guests there and a CM immediately approaches me and I hand her my concierge card. She escorts us down to the concierge waitng area which is that little western themed lounge towards the other end. She asks for my key to the world cards that we used at WDW which will be the same on the ship. She comes back and gives us new ones which have our dining rotation on them as well - PTA. So now I know we eat tongiht at Parrot Cay, tomorrow at Tritons and then our last night at Animators Palate. This is perfect since I didnt want to dress up the first night - I brought a couple of sport jackets for two nights, AP and Tritons just because I felt like it :-).

Sarah and I go right outside and take some pics of the ship and then Susan joins us. We walk around the terminal and check everything out especially the large scale model of the ships on display. We look for our suite and on the cut away side you can actually see the little piano in it. This is fantastic!!! Then the terminal starts getting busier but most people are milling around by all the counters. Very few families are in the lounge area. Now people start lining up near the large Mickey ears entry to the ship. But the CM told me not to line up and just wait because they will take the concierge guests on first. So we sit and relax and wait and look all around and just smile. Now it is about 12:10 and then line is very long to board. However the CM comes over and tells us to come right over with them. There is one other large Japanese famile with us and they board when we do. Since we are only three we get in before them while they are passing all their cards through the scanner. So once again we eneter a Disney realted 'park' absolutely first. And then as we are in the middle of the grand atrium. we hear an announcement. And the voice says, 'Welcome the Ditchek family' and the CMs applaud and we pass through on our way to the conceirge meeting area to book some goodies before everyone else.

As we enter the ship, we stay on deck 3 and head forward to the Cadillac Lounge where the concierge staff greets you and where you can get a jump on all the reservations for the Spa, kids clubs and Palo. We were greeted by one half of the concierge team, Fabiana, while we didnt meet the other half, Brent until later. Of course they weren't prepared for us yet since they really didn't set up until 1:00 PM or so but we just happened to show up early ;-). They were setting up all the goodies and drinks for us but we weren't interested in that, we wanted THE BUFFET in Parrot Cay on deck 4, not the one at Topsiders outdoors on deck 9. So Fabiana tells us that the Spa people and kids club people will be arriving shortly. We weren't going to book Palo unless Susan agreed to the double dipping which she wasn't into after eating so much already at WDW, so we skipped that ressie although they said they always saved a place for the Walt/Roy suite guests in case they changed their minds. First comes Matthew from the Vista Spa a nice young man from Australia. I go first and book exactly what I was waiting for - a combined 1 hour total body massage followed by a 1 hour foot reflexology treatment IN MY SUITE!!!!! for the next morning at 8:00 AM. That is when they start and I figure that I will be all finished with everything just as it is time for a late breakfast and then to disembark at Nassau. Susan books a hair blowout in the Spa for the next day at 4:30 before Tritons dinner. She really wants a massage also but never allows anyone but me or Sarah to do anything more then a face and neck massage to her. I talk to Matthew a bit about Australia because I had a lot of Aussie friends while studying in Italy - they party hard just like we Americans ;-). Then comes Vicky from the Oceaneer Kids stuff and we sign Sarah up for the Lab and get the beeper. I'll cut to the chase now and tell you all that Sarah, although she had been waiting for this Lab for years, didn't step one foot inside with so much other stuff to do so we just returned the pager the night before we left the ship. I kept it in my drawer the entire time. So all our ressies are taken care of and we head aft to Parrot Cay for lunch. Yummy is all I can say - there is nothing like a fine buffet except for maybe a fine ala carte dinner and Parrot Cay was excellent - so many choices and in the coolness of the ship - not outdoors at Topsiders. Now we are approaching 1:30 PM when Fabiana said the staterooms would be ready so we went up to our deck number 8. When we got off the elevator, they had a sash across the entry way to our side of the ship and a note saying that they were preparing the rooms for us. But there was no sash on the other side. Since we came up via the aft elevators we headed down the starboard side and then came to the midships area and there were sashes on both sides do we ducked under the starboard sash and waited with the people at the sash on the port side. Then within 2 minutes they dropped the sash and we all headed to our respective rooms. As we turned the corner, the Walt suite is just forward of the midships elevator area, we saw the door. It had a sign on it that said Walter E Disney Suite and even a doorbell. So Sarah swiped her card and we entered. All I can say is that we were knocked off our feet - the pics on the web do it no justice - it is absolutely grand!!! The first thing we saw was a hanging Happy Anniversary sign from the ceiling and one across the living sliding doors. This was part of a surprise that Sarah cooked up with Tink1 for us. All of our bags were already in the room and I moved them to the little sitting area outside our bedroom and just off the living room. We explored everything, moving from room to room. First Sarah's bedroom side with her private bath. Her room had two single beds and what looked like two pull down berths from the ceiling for those who have a larger party. And on one of the beds was a gift box from you know who and inside was that girls denim DCL school bag set up that I posted on the site when I ordered it. And her bathroom had a nice size tub/shower and it had jets in the tub as well. A nice vanity and many amentities were placed on that vanity. Her room also had a TV so she was in heaven since no TV in the bedrooms at home. As a matter of fact, there were 5 TV's in the suite, hers, one large one with a complete entertainment system in the living room, a small one off in that sitting area I mentioned and one in our bedroom and the cutest little one in our master bathroom lol. Back to the tour - Sarah's bedroom led into the dining room which had a large table with 6 or 8 chairs around the table. On the table was an anniversary cake, another part of Sarah's surprise and a basket of fruit from the concierge. Next to the living room where there is a full wet bar with cans of soda and bottles of water and a cooler underneath in a cabinet and behind us towards the verandah is the baby grand piano with 4 different music books of all the Disney songs. This was a very new thing, the music books, we were told and Sarah copied down the ISBN numbers so we can order them at home. They contained just about every Disney song published between the four books. Then there was a couch and some chairs in the room as well. Next to the little sitting area where there was a very comfy chair and ottoman which looked into our bedroom. Also, all over the suite in all the cabinets and shelves were books and memorabilia from Walt and the family. The books were able to be removed and read but all the other stuff was permanently attached. Then through some open pocket doors to our bedroom which had a queen bed and a nice makeup table with mirror, a nice bureau with drawers in which there was the TV and two nightstands next to the bed. But where was Susan's gift - the cultured pearl necklace??? The bathroom had a large jacuzzi tub and a separate stall shower on the other end with a double vanity in between and that little TV on the shelf to the right of the vanity. Off our bedroom leading to the main entrance and in the direction of Sarah's bedroom was a dressing area with two facing closets and one side had a nice large safe in it. Then the doorbell rings and it is a CM who apoligizes that she is late and it is the little box with Susan's necklace so all is well again. This was really the way to cruise even if we can only do it once in our life time.

Now was unpacking time and that is what we did. There was plenty of room for everything although we didnt need it since we k

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wow thats one long trip report. ;)

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Great trip report ;)

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Wow that's awesome! I love the disney cruise! I was in room 8201. :-D lol. just a random fact, those suites are amazing. :-)
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