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Candace's Trip to Magic Kingdom

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Posted 30 June 2004 - 10:24 PM

I got up at 6:50 hoping to get to the park 30 minutes befrore it opens but my granny papa and cousin took 30 min to eat and my papa took about 2 hours to get ready. We got to the park around 10 which really pissed me off but hey I was at Disney. We started off in Adventureland and rode the Jungle Cruise. I love that ride I hadn't rode it in the longest time and it was great. Then we went to pirates. I couldn't believe we had to wait! I was so surprised! Usually I go when nobody is there and don't have to stand in line but boy was I in for some surprises. I mean the day before in MGM I had to wait in line for Muppetvision which surprised me also. Anyway we finally got on Pirates and of course it was fun. Then well we saw Mr Smee which was cool but it was someone I knew. :) SHHH! We ate at El Pirata Y el Perico. My papa got a churro and My Granny and cousin and I split salsa and chips. Then we went and while my granny and cousin got in line for splash i ran over to BTMR and got fastpasses. Then ran over to Splash and got in line. The wait was 90 minutes! So my Granny and I started to get worried that we wouldn't make it in time to meet my sister for lunch. We were going to eat at the same place as before. So we got out of line then found out that her lunch break was 2:05 to 3:05. So we got back in liine and they sadi they were having difficultys loading people and we were going to be late for BTMR and probably couldn't get in. So we got out of line again and I ended up getting fastpasses. The times were already up to 5pm! We went and got on BTMR w/ our fastpasses. Then we went to the Country Bear Jamboree. One of my favorites. It was getting close to meeting my sis but I figured we still had time to go ride Haunted Mansion. Just our luck the parade was just starting so I had to watch that. Don't get me wrong I love the parades but that sliced about 20 to 30 minutes we get to meet my sis and ride HM. Well after the parade ended we tried to book it over to Liberty Square we watched the parade right in front of the turkey leg cart in Frontierland. I tried to take my little shortcut with the bride and the one way walkway, you know going over to Liberty Square. Well we got behind this little old lady in a electric wheelchair well she couldn't go backwards or forewards there was one other person in front of us and she was getting mad. Well finally we got through and had to wait in line for HM for about 25 minutes. Granny and papa started to get worried about meeting my sis on time so they got mad and of course I had it all figured out. We got in the stretching room and of course I stood under the girl cause thats where the door opened so we got ahead of everyone in our streching room. I know it isn't fair but about 5 people got around us in line so they deserved it. So we got out and headed over to El Pirata Y el Perico and we of course were right on time and met my sis right as she was coming out of the breakroom. We ate and my sis had to go back to work so we headed to Fantasyland. I really don't like Fantasyland with all the screaming kids and strollers and women running you over w/ strollers. So we just rode Philhar and got out. I wanted to ride Peter Pan but the wait was 2 hours!!! So we went to Tommorowland and I got Fastpasses for Space mountain for me. I got 4 with everyones tickets (hehe), the time was 7 to 8. Then we rode We tried to get into Carousel of Progress but the closed the gate just as we got up there so we decided to ride the people mover. One of my favorites too. Then we raced to get to COP but they closed the gates again! So we just waited. We rode that then waited in line for Buzz lightyear. Then we had to go all the Way to Frontierland to make our Fastpasses for Splash we got in just as it was time for the fp to expire. We rode it and we still had one more Fp for it so I decided to try to get in and she let me in! Even though it was about 20 minutes after it was no good. Then we walked back through Adventureland to get a dolewhip when I saw the wait for Pirates was 5 minutes and took my cousin to ride that while my granny got us dolewhips. Well we got in there and the little thing is true about always go to the left well it works. Everyon was going to the right and we went to the left. There was no one in that line!!! It was kinda creepy and we got a whole boat to ourselves. Then we met up with my Granny and papa. Then I ate my dole whip and decided to go on to Tomorrowland to ride Space. I made it right on time i rode it 2 by myself. The one thing I love the most about Space is that music in the wait line. Thenn the first time I rod eit by myself there were about 5 or 6 kids behind me and we got up to where you could see the people take off they would scream HAVE A GOOD RIDE!!! at the top of their lungs! It annoyed me so much. Then I rode it again. I met up with my sis and she wanted to go ride it w/ me. Since I still had 2 left I rode it with her and we went to get spots for the parade. It got rained out. It was so awesome though it was lightning and thundering so loud! So everyone made me go into the Hall of Presidents. That thing is a real bore to me. I mean its cool but I wanted to go ride the HM in the rain and thunder! But of course no one wanted too. Then it was time for Wishes by hte time we got out it had stopped storming. We watche wishes and went home even though there was still an hour left in the park. But i was kinda tired so we rode the monerail and my sister decided to spend the night at my grannys house with us. She lives in Vista way so she had to go get her stuff drop off her car and got in the car for us to ride home. It was so much fun! My hands are aching from typing this much.

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Posted 01 July 2004 - 11:58 AM

I love using my parent's tickets to get extra fastpasses for's so wrong, yet so right :)

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