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Abu's December Trip Part 2

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Posted 13 December 2004 - 12:02 PM


Another night of bad sleep, mainly because of my rampant tossing and turing I have managed to pull the sheets and matress pad out from their tucked status. I stayed in bed until 9:30am.

I awake to find my parents not in the room. They went to one of those sales sessions at the timeshare were the timeshare tries to sell you new stuff. They went to this meeting at 7:30am, it was only supposed to last 45 minutes. My sister and I ate the last of the donuts. I watched Bend it Like Beckham while my sister played game boy. About 10:30 am the maids start knocking on our doors since check-out was at 10 am. I tell them my folks are in a meeting with the timeshare people. Finally around 11:15 am do my parents return. We quickly load the car and set off for the MK.

We parked in lot Happy, watched more idiots do stupid things on the tram. Took the monorail to the Kingdom. We set off for Frontier land via Adventure land. I decided we should ride Pirates since it was there. No significant wait.

After Pirates I decide that I am going to the Animal Kingdom, I wasn't feeling the MK this late in the day. We decided we would meet later in America at Epcot 5pm. I head to the resort monorail and get off at the Contemporary. After a brief walkthrough of the stops, I walked down to their Bus stop. I didn't want to wait at the TTC nor did I want to ride with all those people. The wait was brief and I was the only person on the Contemporary bus to AK.

Once in AK I immediately headed for the Dinosaur area. I had chicken mcnuggets at the Restarauntosaurus. After that I went on Dinosaur, which was excellent this time mainly because the other riders were so into it. They screamed most of the ride.

After that I decided to ride Primeval Whirl. The line moved relatively fast. I was in a car with two other people. When our car got to the top of the lift hill I heard a speaker say something like "Please excuse us we are having temporary technical problems." Shortly after the fourth turn the brakes came on and stopped us. We watched as a cast member and a technical guy walk up the lift hill stairs to let the people on the lift hill out of their car. It was about 20 minutes before they got to us. There was a walk way next to the track and a hydrualic guard rail sprong to life as they came to get us. They walked us to the other side of the ride which was still running and they put us next to go.

After that time was running out, I decided to go catch the Tarzan Rocks show. I always enjoy the music and watching the stunts. Its funny how the singers always change but the band members are always the same. I recognized most of them from the last time I rode this in May.

After that I walked out along the path where I could see the construction of Mt. Everest. I can't wait for that ride to open.

I left the park and headed for the Epcot Bus stop. What I should have done was get on the bus to the Yacht and Beach Club and walked in the back door of Epcot.

I did a speed walk to America and ordered a funnel cake that was less that satisfactory. I found my folks and sister. Mom and Dad stayed up close to the theater so they could watch the Processional. I decided to stay with my sister so she would not bug them when she got bored.

After this we headed to the front of the park. My sister really want to ride Test Track so me and her went to go ride it while my folks ate at the Electric Umbrella. We got on the single riders line. The ride was extremely uncomfortable for me. I couldn't get my knees into a comfortable position nor was I able to put my feet on the floor. My long legs were jammed into the seat infront of me keeping my feet from touch the floor. Adding to the Awkwardness I had to get the guy next to me to buckle my seat belt because I could see the buckle because of my girth and my odd seating position. The ride was painful. I was almost stuck in the seat when it was time to get out. So in addition to losing weight I also need to work on losing height.

We left the park rode the monorail back to TTC and left for Jacksonville.

My lessons learned for the trip.
-Think outside the box when it comes to using Disney Transportation.
-Be wary of sitting in the back seat of any ride. They have no leg room.

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Posted 13 December 2004 - 01:12 PM

Abu said:

-Think outside the box when it comes to using Disney Transportation.

Very true. It's an asset to know which resorts are close to which parks because the resort buses are almost always empiter than the park buses.

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