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John's Weekend Trip

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Posted 24 October 2004 - 10:56 PM

Me (25)
My folks (54)
My sister (10)

Friday- We leave Jacksonville around 4pm, my sister and I watch Finding Nemo most the way down there. I-95 to I-4 then the toll road 417 to 192 east. The toll road probaly took longer than just staying on I-4 but there was no traffic hangups except for stopping at the toll booths. We arrived at Cypress Palms around 8pm. We check in and around 8:20 we headout undecided on our destination. It is too late to get to Epcot for Illuminations so we head to Downtown Disney for dinner. It is pretty uneventful as my sister and I eat food from McDonalds and my folks eat at Wolfgang Puck's Express.
I do like how you can walk thru Pleasure Island now without having to buy a ticket, it was cool to see what it is like there. The highlight of the night for me was finding a collection of Mick Foley's greatest wrestling matches on DVD at the Virgin Megastore.
We returned to Cypress Palms for bed. A daunting prospect as there was only 1 bed and a pullout. Folks got the Bed, my sister got part of the couch that and I got the pull out bed. Sleep wasn't easy as the blanket reeked of cigaretts.

Saturday:Oct 23
We eat breakfast from the Krispy Kreme infront of Cypress Palms. We arrive at MGM around 9:30am and make our way to guest services to get our Season Passes. We had renewed our season passes that expired last May but we never came back after to get them. An awesome cast member by the name of Wilmer totally hooks us up and starts our pass from today rather than from May when we renewed them. Wilmer totally rocks. My father and I go to get fastpasses for ToT only to find out(much later) that my mom has his, hers, and my sisters tickets in her pocket. It turns out that while we where supposed to be getting Fastpasses my mom and sister got on RnRC without telling us so after about 15 minutes of looking for them my father and I headed for ToT. The line was short and we got on quickly. Once of the best series of drops ever. Upon our exit we find my mom and sister on Hollywood Blvd. My sister chickens out of the tower so mom and I go ride ToT, for another excellent ride. My father and I continue to mock my sister about her ToT fear for the rest of our time at MGM.

Next we head for Who wants to be a Millioniare? The opening question is about Jane Austin novels so I am clueless. The guy that gets in the hot seat makes it for about the 10 questions then misses one about fashion magazines and the show ends because they are out of time.

Eventually we make our way to the Backlot/Studio Catering Co. area where I wander to the AFI showcase. I'm totally stoked because there is an Alien suit from Aliens(my favorite movie). My folks wonder where I am, as they take a rest outside the Honey I shrunk the kids playground, as my sister goes into play. Eventually we met up again and walk down New York Street to Star Tours.

My mom's knee is really bothering her this trip so her and my dad head for the book store by the Sci fi dine-in. My sister and I ride Star Tours, it was ok hopefully that scrolling text at the bottom about new rides to Tatooine, Hoth, and Dagobah is real. The Tatooine Traders is usually my favorite place to be but this time nothing in there really caught my eye. I look for the Dutch/Gold Leader action figure but I don't find it.

We decide to head to Epcot. We walk thru the shops on the way out. It is around 1pm when we got to the needle of the world thing at the front of MGM. I checked out the store that sells movie posters but I didn't find anything I wanted. So then left for epcot

We drive to Epcot and get possibly the worst parking spot ever. It is in the very back as far away from the tram as possible. We enter the park with little fanfare. We eat at the Land. I tell my folks I am going to go watch fantasmic at 7:30 and I will take my sister. We decide to meet back up in the American Adventure for illuminations as I am confident in my ability to make it from Fantasmic to Epcot before illuminations starts. My sister and I leave my folks there as we head to Mission:Space. My folks just take a leisurely stroll through the park allowing my mom's knee to rest.

At Mission Space my sister and I get our pictures taken with space Mickey and Goofy. We got on the standby line which was about 20 minutes. In front of us in line was a woman driving a cart who had much trouble navigating the line's turns. The ride was good as always. We headed for the Energy Adventure but it closed as soon as we got there because of some technical problems. So from there my sister and I went over to innoventions on the Land side. We did the What's on Fire? game that was loads of fun. Then it was off to Seabase Alpha. Usually I listen to the Katheleen Turner narrated movie but time was of the essence so I took the cheat route and went for the hydralators. We looked at the manatees and the fish from Finding Nemo. I was saddened to learn that the old ride part of this attraction was gone. We made our way out of Seabase Alpha and to the WDW bus stop that would take us to MGM.

My sister and I arrive at MGM around 5pm. Guess who wants to ride ToT now? That is righ,t my wus of a sister now wants to ride it. So we do. It almost became a true terror for me as my I-Pod flew out of my shirt pocket and into my lap. After stowing my I-Pod in my short's pocket we ride the ToT twice more in quick succession.

We wander around for a bit, looking for food. It is around 630 pm so we grab cokes and popcorn and head for the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. The popcorn was less than fufilling for both of us so after being seated I go to get food. After waiting in the longest line of the whole trip I get 2 cokes, 1 pretzel (hers) and 1 hot dog (mine). It took about 25 minutes so I was a little worried about leaving my sister but she was fine when I returned. The show began shortly there after.

After the show, we sped up our walking to beat the crowds out of the park. Up to this point I had been talking about walking to Epcot from MGM. My folks who, between their messed up knees and backs, never would have made such a trip but with my sister it was a possiblity. She said lets walk and so we walked taking the path to the Boardwalk, then to the Beach and Yacht club to the International Gateway entrance to Epcot. We made good time considering we stopped on the way because of a bathroom break. We met back up with my folks in around the American Adventure around 8:50. We tried to get as close to the park exit before illuminations started. We made it to Norway before the show started. We started walking again after the initial fireball. By walking backwards we watched the show on our way to the gates.

We reached our van and off we headed to Port Orleans Riverside to watch Bob Jackson sing and play piano. Upon our arrival I went to the food court to get myself a piece of chocolate cake and milk. When I met back up with my family my sister went to the arcade and folks were drinking some sort of pinacalada type of drinks. I orded up a long island iced tea that seemed to be nothing but tequila and a drop of sour mix. Bob was getting ready for his second show of the night and stopped by our table and talked to us. We asked him to sing this song about Sarah who sits and shifts all day long and all night long she shifts and sits. The song is funny because he gets the audience to sing with him and the joke is that shift+sit = the 'S' word when sung by an audience.

After a great show we head back to our room at Cypress Palms for bed time.

Sunday coming soon!!
Pictures too, hopefully!!

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 10:34 AM

Ha, I was working Saturday :P
I was in front of the Hat for the parade and I was in strollers for Fantasmic, and was out on the walkway selling strollers after the show. :(
*Leslie Ivette*

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 11:50 AM

Great report John :P

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 12:35 PM

thanks for the report John made me wish i was there.


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Posted 25 October 2004 - 12:49 PM

DisneyFreak1228 said:

Ha, I was working Saturday :)
I was in front of the Hat for the parade and I was in strollers for Fantasmic, and was out on the walkway selling strollers after the show. :P

D'oh, I thought that might have been you over in the stroller area when I walked by.

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