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Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Trip

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Posted 08 December 2004 - 09:54 PM

Hi Guys,
Here is my trip report for my past trip. Complete with photos!
I must say this weekend was a weekend of many firsts for me.
And I enjoyed them all. Well most of them.

Friday Dec 3rd:

This day didn't start off as planned. We were suppose to leave at 10 am. But we didn’t end up leaving until 1230 pm! I can't blame anyone but myself. I didn't wake up till 10 am.

First Number One: Staying at Port Orleans French Quarter

Well we made it to the Port Orleans French Quarter around 3:30 or so. There was alot of traffic in Orlando. The check-in took forever! The check-in at Coronado Springs was alot faster. They don't have as many cast members working at the French Quarter.

Hotel Report:
While I thought the French Quarter was a cute hotel. I think I still liked the Coronado Springs better. Yes the Coronado Springs is larger, but I like that. I like walking around and exploring. There isn't much to the French Quarter and it all looks the same.

I saw the "Riverside" or Dixie Landings from the bus and I have to agree with Doctor Seeker that it is nicer. In fact it's very pretty. However, I don't think I'll ever stay there. You see, since Riverside and FQ share the same bus, the folks who stay at Riverside have to wait for the folks at FQ to load first. And Riverside has 4 bus stops. Let me tell you that the bus was already crowded at FQ. I can imagine being stuck at the last bus stop at Riverside and not being able to go on in. Anyways, its a beautiful hotel, and I would stay there if I were to use my car to get around.

Back to trip:

So the original plans were to go catch Candlelight at 5 PM and then head over to MK for the Christmas party. Because we made it so late, we decided to leave Candlelight to Saturday.

On to the Ferry to the MK!

We arrived at MK right around 7 PM. I was shocked to learn that events started as early as 6:15. If I would of known this we would of been in the park earlier. Yet we didn’t know that you could be in there before 7 and took our sweet time getting to the park.

First Number Two Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I really enjoyed the event. The Hot Cocoa and Cookies were delicious. However, I wish I would of gone with my nieces and nephews, they would of loved it. The snow on Main Street is a nice touch.

So the night evolved like this:

First Number Three
Stitch’s Great Escape: It was cute, but it has the same problems as AE, no re-rideability factor. Yes it has holes in the story if you compare it with the movie, but whatever it was cute.

TTA - we had time before show

First Number Four
Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Show - Eh, it was pretty cheesy. Kids would enjoy it. I probably would of too more if I had a seat. I was in the standing area.

First Number Five Wishes
Okay, I've seen Wishes, but for MVMCP they do an amazing finale to it. Fireworks went up all around us. It was truly magical.

First Number Six Holiday Castle Stage Show
This show on the other hand, was very cute. I enjoyed it alot better than the other one. And I was standing for it.

First Number Seven I convinced my friend to get over her fear of Space Mountain!

First Number Eight The Parade.
It was simply magical. Although my camera sucks and takes terrible night pictures. We watched the parade from the hub.

Astro Orbiter

We walked over to Fantasyland to see if anything new was happening at 20K. Well the wall is still up, although pushed further back. They added some trees in front of Pooh, which you can tell will go with a 100 Acre Wood Theme.

The horses!

She couldn't lift up the sword either. LOL

During MVMCP they have a dance area for kids in FL. This was super cute. The kids were dancing with the characters! Again I wish I had my nieces and nephews with me.

Well I was shocked that everything closed at 12 PM. For some reason I was under the impression that it was closing at 2 AM. We didn't even make it to the other half of the MK. I wanted to see the Country Bear Jamboree Christmas Special, so we decided we will go back to MK tomorrow.

Final picture at MK: Santa's Chair

After leaving MK, we walked over to the Contemporary and took the bus to Downtown Disney. After walking around for a while and sharing a drink between both of us. (We didn't go to any club) we went back to the hotel to explore and take some more pictures. BTW, DD was dead. Complete ghost town. We did get there late - around 1 AM, but hey, doesn't that place close at 2 AM? Looks like they are struggling.


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Posted 09 December 2004 - 01:02 PM

Great TR and great photos Alex ;) And extra kudos for the nice girl as well ;)

Regarding POFQ/POR, I stayed at both in my last trip and I liked POFQ better if only because its smaller. The walking time at Riverside from where the bus drops you off to my room was about 10 minutes. Far too long. However, the dining hall at Riverside is really good, especially for breakfast.

She was afraid of Space Mountain? Wait till she see's RnR :(

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Posted 09 December 2004 - 08:46 PM

QuickGold said:

She was afraid of Space Mountain? Wait till she see's RnR ;)

Yeah, I got beat up for that already. That and TOT.
I never had someone jump on me and hold on to me while grinding their nails in my arm as the elevator was going down.
Needless to say, when I go to MGM with her, I ride those solo.

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