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Matt's Family Trip - Day 8

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Posted 21 February 2003 - 08:51 AM

The best day of all....MGM!

We woke up early today and were out the door by 8:15. After being dropped off at the park, we were waiting to be let in through the gate by 8:35. At 8:50ish they let us through the gate, only to be held up at the corner of Hollywood & Sunset. :x At 9:00 they walked the line down Sunset and didn't let us go until we got to the entrance to the ride. First stop, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Me and my two sisters got into the second preshow and when we got out, made our way to the line, asking for front row of course. Being there were 3 of us, my 2 sisters would sit in front and I'd suffer in the second row. As the car pulled up, Naomi freaked out. The whole upside down roller coaster thing didn't agree with her. I took her to a CM who brought her to the gift shop to wait for us. The ride itself was great!

Tower of Terror - Don't ask me why, but Naomi then wanted to go on ToT. The line here was minimal...maybe a 5 minute wait. Has anyone else noticed the hotel directory that has the letters on the floor that spell "U R DOOMED" is gone?!. Anyway, we got into the preshow and then onto the elevator. I was psyched about the new ToT4, so the whole time I was sniffing, waiting for some pleasant odor to visit us. No such luck :P The actual ride was great....we got dropped around 3 or 4 times, and then it came down...pretending to be over and boom! We were shot back up again. Perfect! ;) Naomi said she loved it, bought a visor from the ToT gift shop but when we asked her if she wanted to ride again, she said "No!!" :? I bought some nice ToT hand towels, myself. 8)

Star Tours - No wait here as well. We got right in and it was also great. I think this was the first time I didn't spend any time in the gift shop....I was too excited about being in MGM :(

Great Movie Ride - Is it just me, or is the line here forever? It was around 10am but the line started just inside the big room where they show the movie trailers. We had to have been in line for at least 20 minutes. :x Both our tour guide and the gangster were lackluster. If it wasn't for the beautiful Chinese Theater building, I'd be the first person to advocate replacing this attraction.

Magic of Disney Animation - In my opinion, the accusations that this has become watered down with ads for Disney movies is way off. The featured movie was Brother Bear and I felt they taught alot and the mentioning of Disney movies is's not like they are going to plug a Universal movie or one of the movies being produced by one of Disney's subsidary movie houses. The 2 movies they show(the one with Walter Cronkite/Robin Williams & the movie with all the famous scenes) is still great. Emily cried when Bambi's mom got shot as well as Scar killing Simba's dad.

Lunch - We ate at the Sci-Fi Drive in. I had read in the Unofficial Guide by Bob Sehlinger that this place was expensive and the food sub par. I ordered a 'Hornet'(alcoholic drink) chili appetizer & a burger. The cool glowing ice cube in the drinks were nifty. The chili was small in portion but I found the burger to be a decent value. If you don't know that Disney's food is overpriced, then you've been hiding somewhere in Antarctica.

MuppetVision - This definetly has the best preshow. I love the part where Gonzo tells Sam Eagle they have a "special guest" and it turns out to be the Rizzo the rat dressed up as Mickey, and then Sam says "Will you stop this foolishness?" and gonzo replies "Which foolishness would you like to see?" :)

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire - Story time! :cry: Okay, so I was doing pretty well for the game. Once I made into the top 5 when they checked scores so I was happy. Anyway, this idiot girl comes up and at the 1000 point level they check the leader board. At #1, it's me! I am so psyched and I taunt everyone around me. I'm like "Yea, that's right. I'm #1". So the girl takes her next question and blows it! All of sudden I'm like "Oh, no....I've been cheating off people around me and now I have to go up!" They check the leaderboard after the question and I'm no where to be found. I guess I took too long answering the final question. I sigh of relief came over me and I took my pride and moved on out. 8)

After Millionaire we went to meet Mickey and take pictures at the place he's at all day on Mickey Avenue. I expected a huge line but no one was there! We waited maybe 3-5 minutes and ten got a picture. :D I guess folks don't know he's there.

Sounds Dangerous - I think this is great. The jokes are good and it's funny.

Theater of Stars - I'd never seen the Beauty & The Beast rendition here and it was great. My only gripe was they kind of assumed the audience knew the story because they skipped scenes from the movie but continued on as if the scene had been in there. :?

We then Fastpassed RnR & ToT and did some shopping.

Dinner - Hollywood Brown Derby - Great, expensive, but great!

I had a blast here and took tons of pictures for the website(to be online this weekend or so). I can't wait to come back to MGM.

Tomorrow: Looooong drive home :D

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Posted 21 February 2003 - 08:49 PM

Poor Naomi. I still can't believe she freaked out on RnR, but yet she wanted to go on ToT. You shouldn'ta told her it was an upside down coaster! You shoulda stuck to the "It's just like Space Mountain" fib. :)
*Leslie Ivette*

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