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Brain Freeze at Peevy's Polar Concoctions (Funny Story)

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Posted 02 January 2007 - 03:34 AM

Alright, this is a story and a restaurant review in one. This past fall I was in the Studios and needed a quick fix for the afternoon. I found myself on the edge of Echo Lake (near the giant hat) and noticed Peevy's. Usually I don't care about these food stands but this one had giant pretzels!

As I waited in line, a woman behind me was asking another cashier if they had frozen slushies. I had already ordered my pretzel when this woman came. They said they only had frozen lemonade which isn't really a slushie, but more like a Slurpee. The woman left. My poor cashier was over worked and tired. She made a frozen lemonade thinking that's what I wanted (really she was thinking about the woman that left). She ended up getting a pretzel and let me keep the frozen lemonade for free! Sweet!

Meanwhile I had just ridden The Great Movie Ride and everyone won silver Mikey Mouse ears in the "Million Dreams" contest. I'm a big guy and the ears looked silly on me, but I was wearing them to embarrass my family. We sat down at the tables in the courtyard of Peevy's and ate.

I slurped up the frozen lemonade so quickly I had a brain freeze. At that moment some guy was walking by me and jokingly said "Hey look, its Mickey Mouse" to me. I actually thought his wise crack was funny but was unable to laugh due to my brain freeze. I couldn't even make eye contact! I must have made a terrible face because I was gripping my forehead in my hand. It was a brain freeze with a sour twinge! Right at that moment, there was a MASSIVE character greeting around the big hat. I think I accidentally shot some dirty looks to Mary Poppins too.

I just had to share this because I'm pretty damn sure no one has a Peevy's story. The Florida heat makes you want to drink fast and unfortunately I forgot one of life's most valuable lessons...drink slowly.


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Posted 02 January 2007 - 01:39 PM

:lol: Thanks for sharing the story. I'll remember to drink those bad boys in private as I may insult the general public around me if I do have a brain freeze

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