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Wed Feb 25th-Wed March 4th

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Posted 02 March 2009 - 12:07 AM

First two days:

Wednesday, Feb 25th:
Caught 3pm flight from MSP w/connecting flight in Tennessee, we arrived at MCO at 10:45pm. Got a last minute deal on a rental car, at the time, we didn’t realize how smart an idea this was. We checked in at POFQ at 11:50pm, both girls were given several sets of beads; let the “magic” begin. By the time we got to our room, put the kids to bed it was 1am. Oh, at 1 am we heard the Magical Express rolling into POFQ, so glad we had the rental car.

Thursday, Feb 26th:
75degrees, light crowds!
As part of Keely’s homework she had to plan a ½ day at Disney using two different traveling resources. She used The Unofficial Guidebook and She chose Epcot, however due to our late arrival we had few errands to run to get set up in the hotel room…I forgot my mouthgard, I am a night time clencher, it is a must have, so we headed off to Super Target. As we were walking down the aisle of Super Target I looked over at Keely and she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said,”It doesn’t even feel like we are on vacation, it feels like we are in MN at Target.” Dave and I looked at each other, and both thought, “She’s right!” We quickly finished up what we needed to buy, got back to POFQ, dropped off the stuff and told Keely, “You’re on, what’s the plan.” It was 2:30pm.
She had planned one favorite for each of us:
Izzy: Spaceship Earth
Me: Soarin
Keely: Kim Possible
Dave: Test Track
All: Country Exploration

Keely first had us do Spaceship Earth, no wait. Then we went to Soarin’ for fast passes. While I was digging around in my purse for our park tickets to get FP, an elderly gentleman w/his wife hooked to his arm approached our family and said,” I have a magic ticket that can get you on the ride right now.” Keely looked up at me and whispered, “I don’t have a good feeling about this, we’re not supposed to go with strangers.” I reassured her that her instincts were right, but it’s okay because she’s w/Mom and Dad. We followed the man as he took us through the FP entrance. He showed the CM a red & white ticket and pointed to us and all of us walked in, simple as that. I must have had a curious look on my face, because the man turned and looked at me and said, “My wife has Alzheimer’s. We usually have our daughter’s with us, but when we don’t we like to find a family of 4 to take on the ride. Keely looked at him and said, “Wow Mom, Disney really is a Magical place.” His wife laughed. He looked at Keely and smiled and said, “She rarely laughs.” I am not sure what was more fun the ride or talking with him all the way through the queue. He was a fascinating person and the affection he showed for his wife was inspirational.

After we said our goodbyes we headed for a Kim Possible Adventure, however, being a good study of The Guide, she had us stop and get FP for TT on our way to save the world. Our crime scene was in Norway. It was fun, but all of us had low blood sugar, so it felt long. Looking back on it, it was fairly cool, how the Kimmunicator worked. It also got our girls to work together.

Since we had an hour and a half before we could ride TT, Keely had us explore the countries. She said we had to do both Kidcot and the attractions. We started in Mexico after we got a bite to eat at the Cantina de San Angel. We rode the Gran Fiesta Tour, our youngest loved it…ole! We continued doing the countries and Kidcot until Morocco, both kids hit the wall. They were done and in Disney, when kids are done, they’re done, you leave. Dave and I both wanted to ride TT, but it just wasn’t worth it. As we were exiting, Keely suggested we find a family of 4 and give them our FP for TT. As luck would have it, a family of 4 walked by and Keek and I handed them off. It was fun to see their faces.

Back at POFQ Dave and I got the girls to bed and started our night time routine. Take the chairs from the room, put them outside on the porch, pour glasses of wine and wait for the kids to be asleep, a calm way to end a tiring day.

I'm tired, I'll try to keep the others days shorter, but the first time you do something is always an experiment.


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Posted 04 March 2009 - 12:02 PM

Nice start to your trip, thanks for sharing :thumleft:

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