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Poor Unfortunate Souls

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 12:37 PM

To be honest, I didn't know what to call this post...
My husband has been working at DHS Backlot Tour for over a year now and I look forward for him to come back home and tell me "guest" know how he gets guests that want to exit backlot tour walking toward the back of the shuittle instead of going thru the AFI entrance, because you see everyone else going that way but you are so special you have a private area...
another is how people want to ride BT and see the tram parking for unloading, people naturally think that's where they load as well, so they wait by the benches next to the AFI store to be loaded only to be told that they have to walk toward the coke bottle to load (yeah, this really isn't the guests fault, I don't understand why they don't put an overhead sign that says, exit only, and a big arrow toward the entrance)
I tell you I've sat on those benches and in a matter of 5 min. I've seen around 20 people wanting to load right there, the CM has alot of patience to respond each and every time with a smile.
But these are my two favorite stories so far:
At the entrance to BT there are 3 posters that say "Lights, Camera, Action" he has had many guests that go on Backlot thinking that they will be dropped off at the entrance to "Lights, Motor, Action" this has happened multiple times, actually people have timed going on BL to be able to go see LMA. When they unload and are told that they need to walk to LMA, sometimes it's too late and they miss the show...
This one happened this past Monday:
As many of you know BT close at dusk, at this time of year that's 7pm. My husband was in the unloading area (the area where you have to explain that this is not the entrance, and that at this time 7:05pm BT is closed) and this family comes up to him, of course the want to ride BT, my husband explains that the attraction is closed, the guests get very upset because the want to ride BT so they ask, "Why is it closed?" he explains that they close at dusk. The guest replies "How are we able to get to #9 in time if you close early?" my husband has no clue what they are talking about...Guest: Backlot Tour is #9 on the map, they should change it to #4 or #5 if it closes early"
Yep...these guests had been doing the park in numerical order as it appears on the map...
Just thought I would share, this made me laugh so hard.
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Posted 21 March 2012 - 05:09 PM

WOW!!! Guess they mever thought to look at the Times Guide......
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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:47 AM

There is a never ending supply of dumb guest stories

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