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"I can't believe I'm going on a cuise!" Day 4

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Posted 03 December 2004 - 04:10 PM

Me: Young, sexy, single webmaster of everyone's favorite website!
Emily: Younger sister
Naomi: Youngest sister

After waking up bright and early we noticed something we hadn't seen all trip long...the sun! We headed up to Triton's for breakfast and ate quickly, thinking perhaps the sun would dissapear or the sky would fall or something else that would mean the end of the nice day. An interesting thing is they can dock and undock the ship without anyone feeling anything but a completely smooth trip when its between ports seems impossible.

After breakfast we exited the ship and made our way to the beach. My sister and dad had a parasailing excursion, so the rest of us who did not have a death wish, went to relax at the beach. The weather that morning was really gorgeous; bright and sunny with no clouds in the sky. We spent the morning sunning ourselves with some swimming mixed in.

At lunch, we went to the buffet at Cookie's BBQ. Food was standard BBQ fare but I was amazed there was no line considering most of the boat was in the same area. After eating, we beached ourselves on the beach. At 3 me and my sisters had a snorkeling excursion. I've been snorkeling twice now and I imagine nearly every snorkeling group is the same. Everyone lines up to get their equipment, tries to figure out exactly how to put on their life preserver, exchange their flippers because it's too small/big and then make fun of others for how funny they look in their gear. The actual snorkeling was pretty good. Personally, I need a good 10 minutes in the water to get used to breathing out of the snorkel because I start out hyperventalating. Maybe I just need a good gallon of sea water before I'm ready to be "one with the ocean".
Anyway, the snorkeling itself was fun but there was about 3 or 4 species of fish and not that many of them so you basically spent your time getting near some of them only to have them scurry off which then results in you chasing them and repeating. Also the area was remarkabley bland. Nothing really stood out and the highlight was the "towel coral reef" which was someone's hotel towel that was at the bottom of the sea floor.

After snorkeling we were spent and by this time the clouds had come out and beach weather was gone. We headed back onto the ship to shower, change and relax. After changing I went to the deck of the ship to take some photos and grab a snack. After sunset and the ship leaving port, I went back to the stateroom and wasted time until dinner by watching Disney movies.

Dinner that night was at Parrot Cay and after having dinner at Animator's Palatte, it's pretty boring since the walls at Animator's changes all the time and then you find yourself at Parrot Cay thinking "Ok, any minute now something is going to happen". The most interesting thing that happened was the conga line that broke out between the waiters. It was at this dinner that the other family that was sharing the table with us didn't show up. It ended up that we wouldn't see them again. After a long dinner, my youngest sister got her hair braided(Amazing that she avoided getting it braided in Nassau when every female on the island asked her to get it braided but now wants it braided on the ship) so she went to go do that, then we sat out on the deck enjoying the weather. By this point I was pretty tired so called it a night and went to sleep.

Tomorrow, Disney World (Again)!

Things I Learned:
- We definetly need more time at Castaway Cay.
- I still dont understand why "Cay" is pronounced "Key". Well, I got it explained to me but that doesn't mean I agree with it.

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