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Matt's Family Trip - Day 5

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Posted 17 February 2003 - 09:49 PM

Ahhhh, the first day at a park. Nothing is quite like it. We woke up today at 7:00am and were out the door at 8. We drove to the gates at about 8:30 and found no cars being let in! Resort buses were being let in but not us. Seeing as I didn't remember Epcot being an Early Entry park for Monday, it was quite puzzling. We were let in eventually and after buying our tickets were waiting to be let in at about 8:50. No rope, just holding at the security check :?

Anyway, here's a rundown of the attractions we did in the morning....
Test Track - For the time being it's the best attraction at Epcot(until Mission:Space comes along :P ). It really is true that if you want to experience Test Track at home, just stick your head out the window when you're on the highway :D

Body Wars - It really is true that Star Tours is much more fluid. No line and no wait.

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience - Fun, relaxing & empty. My only gripe is the preshow needs to be's waaaaay too boring. :frownblue:

Journey into Imagination(or whatever they call it nowadays) - I had never experieced this since it's 3rd incarnation(it was still closed when I came last March). My overall feeling is it's.....cute. Nothing can replace the original, but this is much better than the last one. Nigel Channing guy is a good fit but to me Figment seems too much like he's been sniffing glue than loveable and playful. Still worth seeing.

Ellen's Energy Adventure - It still has some humorus moments but it does feel old. I'm sure others who have never experienced it will find it great but it's "replay value" is minimal.

Cranium Command - Is this the best underrated attraction in all of WDW? I [glow=red:78b66d1663]love[/glow:78b66d1663] this attraction. If you've never seen it, make it a priority on your next trip.

Overall I found the parks emptier than expected, especially considering it was Early Entry & President's Day. Leslie claims it's monday and the rest of the world is afraid to go to Epcot on Mondays :)

We then headed to World Showcase and had lunch in Morrocco. This place has some great food! I recommend the lamb schwarma. I also bought a shot glass from Morrocco to add to my collection. Aside from that, we toured the rest of the countries. We watched the flag ceremony group at the American pavillion and then saw the American Adventure. I had never seen it before but heard wonderful things about it. It's pretty good, although I found myself dozing off only because I was tired from waking up early.

At England I think I fell in love with the Burberry cologne there(that sounded so manly, right?). At $50 for a small bottle, I passed and after checking it online found that the larger bottle cost around $40 so I'm glad I waited.

Italy had some really nice things there. I bought a nice ring for one of my friends there. Naomi got a nice charm bracelet that is pretty nice looking and chic for her age.

We then decided to go back to the resort for a break....or so we thought. We realized that my dad had trouble getting into the park with his old park hopper ticket and during the problems, the person working the turnstile let him in without deducting the day from the pass. Being the kind of person my dad is, he would not get the day taken off so we could not re-enter the park! So we had a dilemna on our hands. We had a PS at Japan for 7:45 and it was only 3:30 or so. After much fighting, we cancelled our PS and decided to visit the rest of the countries and go back home early and have dinner at our resort.

We got margaritas at Mexico and my dad spilled his all over himself but luckily got a new one for free. There wasn't anything really special to buy at the stores inside the Mexican pavillion so we moved on.

Norway has some very nice stuff now. No longer a place to get cheap plastic Viking swords & helmets or a an overpriced ugly troll, they now carry some nicer items. I was particularly impressed with their selection of Helley/Hanson clothing, but alas the prices were too expensive, although my dad found a nice collared shirt on the sale rack. I think carrying clothes like this is a good move because Disney World brand stuff is nice, but I've found that with the exception of my Mickey Mouse silk boxers, I've never worn any WDW clothing outside the parks.

China had nothing special going on and half the pavillion was under construction so we moved on quickly.

I love the Germany pavillion and last year bought a huge beer mug(32oz) with my name engraved on it. This year I got just a shot glass but I would love to add to my collection in the years to come. I find their glassware superb.

At Japan, I bought some more gifts. I was also shocked :shock: to find a really big sale on Japanese porcelein. They had plates & cups going for $2.99! That is unheard of at Disney. My mom cleared the place out. :( We had a quick bite to eat at the small restaurant on the left side(if you're facing the pavillion).

From Japan we went to France were my sisters got crepes and I got a call from Leslie. 8) We chatted for a bit and it's always nice to talk with the mgm crew ;)

After France it was close to 7 and we called it a night. We headed back to the resort as quickly as our tired bodies would carry us. Once back, I changed our PS times @ MGM and MK to earlier times because I felt that my sisters would never survive the day. Also, I called that girl I sent flowers to, told her that I had sent them and that since UPS didnt deliver them on Valentine's Day, they'd probably be dead or decaying and asked her out, to which she was more than happy to oblige. Yep, I still got it 8)

Tomorrow, MK with no parents :cry:

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