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Hollywood Studios Blog

"All of Hollywood Studios that's fit to print"

Disney has announced that with the recent upgrades to their online reservation systems, guests will now be able to book special dining events straight from DisneyWorld.com/Dining .  The two Disney's Hollywood Studios specific events that are now available are Dine with an Imagineer and the Fantasmic! Dinner Package.

Available on select dates, the Hollywood Brown Derby hosts Dine with an Imagineer.  This special event offers guests the ability to sit, break bread, and converse about behind-the-scenes magic with a Disney Imagineer.  The four-course meal also includes what Disney terms to be a "special souvenir."  

Also now...

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by Matt in Mystery Photo - Comments

Okay hot shot, think you know Disney's Hollywood Studios really well?  Since it's Friday and I'm in a good mood for the weekend, why not see how well you know Disney's Hollywood Studios and see if you can guess where this photo is from.

Think you know where it's from?  Put your answer in the comments below and we'll see who really knows their Hollywood Studios.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kristen to guessing correctly, this photo is from the outside of the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant.

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by Matt in Awards, Site News - Comments

We are happy to announce that Studios Central has won the Most Unique Disney Site award from the Disney Driven Life Academy Awards earlier this week.  The awards were handed out based on popular vote and Studios Central managed to snag one after fans of the site voted it the most unique Disney site out there.

On behalf of the staff of Studios Central, I want to thank everyone that voted for Studios Central in the awards and it means a lot to know that people out there do enjoy the product we put out each and every day.

In accordance with accepting the award, we put together a little fun video of our "acceptance speech".  We decided to have a little fun with it so I hope you enjoy our brand of juvenile humor.

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Happy 21st birthday to Star Tours, which is currently... closed. Well, it's closed for refurbishment to make way for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.  Back on December 15, 1989, Star Tours officially opened at the Disney-MGM Studios.
Star Tours was the second attracton built to have that name.  The original Star Tours had opened in Disneyland on January 9, 1987, but this new version had a few changes.  The ride was the same, but there were six simulators in the Disney-MGM Studios, as opposed to just four in Disneyland.  ...
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by Matt in Park hours - Comments

Taking a deeper look at yesterday's news that Disney's Hollywood Studios park hours had been extended dramatically, I wanted to compare the park hours this year to previous years and see how it ranks.  The best way for me to rank the park hours was to count how many times Hollywood Studios will be open to at least 10pm, which for the the Studios is really the latest the park is ever open (aside from New Years).

As of right now, there will be 13 days in December 2010 when the park will be open to at least 10pm...

Posted at 10:24 am
by Matt in Park hours - Comments

If you have a trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios planned for the month of December, you may want to check those park hours again.  Disney has dramatically increased the park hours and Fantasmic show times for the rest of the month.

The biggest changes came during the week of Christmas to New Years, where park hours have been extended and Fantasmic! shows added.  There's now three Fantasmic! shows per day between December 28-31.  In addition, Hollywood Studios will open at 8am starting on December 26th and running throughout the week.


Posted at 10:07 am

Toontown in the Magic Kingdom is slated to close for good on February 11, 2011 and that will leave Tinker Bell and her friends homeless so Disney is moving Tinker Bell to Disney's Hollywood Studios for meet-n-greets.

Starting February 12, 2011, Tinker Bell will hold meet-n-greets near the Journey into Narnia attraction.  At this time, Disney is considering one of two locations: the place where Prince Caspian held meet-n-greets in his indoor room or outdoors near the Toy Story Midway Mania restrooms...

Posted at 4:16 pm
by Matt in Staff - Comments

Welcome to the Studios Central Blog! The goal of this blog is to provide another avenue of keeping you up to date with what's happening inside Disney's Hollywood Studios.  One of the biggest challenges with running this web site is finding the perfect means of delivering information to you, our readers.  This blog will be one way we will keep you up to date.

We still provide news and information throughout our web site as it happens, but this will be a way to provide interesting news and happenings in a timely manner.  We know you want your information quickly and accurately and we've kept that wish in mind with this blog. The staff of Studios Central is ready to keep you informed of what's happening out there.

As much as we try to account for every possibility, this blog is still "in beta" and therefore, may have an issue arise now and then.  If you run into any problems or have any suggestions, please...

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