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Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton announced during a media event in the Magic Kingdom that Star Tours: The Adventures Continue will have its grand opening on May 20, 2011.

It had previously been rumored that Star Tours 2 would reopen May 17, but the May 20th date now puts an official date of when to expect the new attraction.

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by Matt in Tinker Bell - Comments

After all the rumors, it turns out the Tinker Bell will not be coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios...yet.  

Disney announced today that she will join her fairy friends in Epcot.  From what we hear, there are still plans to have Tink eventually make her way to the Studios after the Flower and Garden Festival wraps up.  Just like the original rumor, nothing is for certain yet beyond Flower and Garden, but for now, Hollywood Studios fans will have to wait a little longer to see Tink.

Posted at 5:08 pm

We posted our video recording of Pixar Pals Countdown To Fun! that our very own blogger Shane took but lots of other Disney fans were at Hollywood Studios taking their own videos so we decided to showcase some of the videos of the parade's premiere we ran across.

Attractions Magazine

Inside the Magic...

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by Matt in Studios Report - Comments

Let's jump right into this week's Studios Report and go over what's going on in Disney's Hollywood Studios this week. Be sure to reference this week's Studios Update photos that accompany this report.

  • As you can see in this week's photo update, there was an incident with someone getting hurt at the parking tram loading area.  Not sure what happened but parking trams were unloading at the handicap parking area of the Stage parking lot and guests then walked in as if they were being dropped off by a bus.
  • The Tower of Terror facade construction shows no signs of slowing down.  It's been going on for the better part of two months now and I guess there's a lot of work to be done.  The crane is still there...
Posted at 9:55 am

Yesterday I was at the Studios for the premiere of the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! Parade and I ran into fellow Studios Central member Todd Perlmutter. We sat down on my bench to enjoy a Citizens of Hollywood skit. Little did we know that Todd would end up being a huge part of it! The skit was the Hollywood Matchmaker Game.

In this sketch, the host pulls out a married contestant (Todd) to play the old "Let's Make a Date" game with three bachelors or bachelorettes- the Citizens- whom the contestant can not see. The contestant is then given three questions to ask each candidate before he or she chooses a date. This skit usually occurs at 1:00 or 1:30 (depending on their schedule with Disney Channel Rocks!) in front of the Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells shop. So how did...

Posted at 8:54 am

Today the new parade Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! launched at Disney's Hollywood Studios, replacing Block Party Bash. Still Pixar-themed, the parade now incorporates some of the company's newer films such as Ratatouille and Up along with the classics Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles. Unlike the previous highly interactive Block Party Bash, "Pixar Pals" is the conventional style of parade- a series of floats and characters steadily moving along a route.

While the parade is only one day out of the gate and just getting started, it has...

Posted at 10:03 pm
by Matt in Week in Review - Comments

We are all busy during the week with work, kids and errands but that's no excuse to not know what's been going on with Disney's Hollywood Studios news this week! Each Friday, we will list the best news, information and opinion concerning Disney's Hollywood Studios from the week that was in a quick report.

News this week

Tinker Bell is coming to Hollywood Studios and her meet n greet will begin February 15, 2011...

Posted at 11:27 pm

I'm honored to have a special guest blogger today, Fred Hazelton, statistician for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World!  I've known Fred for over five years and no one knows crowd levels at Walt Disney World better than he does.  Thank you Fred for this great write up!

Gathering information about crowds at Disney Theme Parks is an ever-changing challenge. From day to day and year to year park hours, park schedules, holiday patterns and weather can all change. We at TouringPlans.com have been in the crowd tracking game since the turn of the millennium and we have not seen a change as dramatic as when Fantasmic! show schedules changed to a few times a week in January 2009.

Before that, when Fantasmic! was held each night, crowds at the...

Posted at 12:00 pm
by Matt in Meet-n-greets - Comments

We previously reported that Tinker Bell is coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios after being evicted from the Magic Kingdom because of the Fantasyland expansion. We now know when she will start appearing in the Studios.

The new Tinker Bell meet n greet is scheduled to open February 15th 2011. It will be held not at the Journey into Narnia location as earlier reported, but in the rear of the Magic of Disney Animation queue. There is space behind the queue that was earlier last decade for meet n greets such as Lilo & Stitch, Atlantis and Brother Bear.

Thanks to drew81 for the update.

Posted at 12:24 am
by Matt in Food, Vegetarian - Comments

Today's blog entry comes courtesy of a good friend of mine, Darcie Vance, who is a long time researcher for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World as well as a vegetarian.  Darcie is here today to share her experience with eating vegetarian in Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Many thanks to Darcie for sharing her experiences with all of us!

Upon entering Hollywood Studios the smell of popcorn and other goodies welcomes you. It is almost instantly your mind starts to become excited about what you will be eating while in the park. For vegetarians it is not as complicated as it used to be. Through the years, Disney has done a great job of adding...

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