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According to the Walt Disney World Annual Pass magazine "The Mickey Monitor", a new replacement for Journey into Narnia is planned to open called, "The Legend of Jack Sparrow Experience".

The new attraction is being described as, "a first-of-its kind sensory experience".  Guests will be enveloped by the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.  In this attraction, you will walk in the footsteps of Jack Sparrow. Unlike other attractions that have been in this location, The Legend of Jack Sparrow Experience is not a making of, or behind the scenes, but rather,  a first person experience.

Walt Disney Imagineering Project Manager and Show Designer Jason Roberts discussed the new attraction,...


I'm back... but reluctantly so! I'm never ready for a WDW trip to end. We had absolutely gorgeous weather for the first half of the week. No humidity at all. Then, on Thursday, it became uncomfortably hot, and it made us remember why we like our winter trips better!
Since my last post before I left was about my top 10 must-dos in Hollywood Studios, I thought I'd report back on which ones happened, and which did not, and what I thought of the ones that did!
10.Eating a Toluca Leg at Toluca Legs Turkey Co. on Sunset Boulevard. -- Sadly, my husband did not get to eat one this trip. The heat was intense on our day in the Studios and my 2 year-old daughter's patience was running out after a busy morning. We opted to head back to the resort for lunch there. I guess he will have to wait until September to sink his teeth into one of these again!


I mentioned in a previous post that I believe The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (ToT) is the only ride in all of Walt Disney World for which the child swap is worth the time. Yes, you heard me right. I don't think Soarin', Expedition Everest, Splash Mountain, or Rock 'N' Roller Coaster are worth the time it takes to do a child swap. (Side note: child swap refers to when one parent rides first and then when he/she is done, the second parent has their turn, but can by-pass the line). 
Why did I give ToT this honor? Well, I may be biased because I thoroughly enjoy haunted house-type rides (anywhere), but I believe ToT is the most well done ride in all of Walt Disney World. As with all Disney attractions, it's not just a ride, but an experience. You can find a free-fall ride at numerous theme parks. In fact, we have one called Drop Tower at the large amusement park in my region. It...

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