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Disney-MGM Studios Times Guide from 1995

Today we're taking a trip in our virtual time machines back to May 1995 and see what a day was like in the Disney-MGM Studios.

In 1995, the guide map cover featured photos from popular attractions in the park, but it tried to show off a few, as opposed today when just one attraction gets the cover spot.

The "Mickey Value Meals" weren't as interesting to me a choice as their price.  At $2.49 for counter service and $3.99 for table service, it's a steal.  It also shows you how much value the dollar has lost in the last twenty years.

Clearly value was a big deal back in 1995 because we see a special deal for the Hollywood Brown Derby between 4pm and 5:30pm, which are times of less demand (even today that is still true). Not a bad deal!

The musical groups found throughout the park is a part of entertainment we simply don't see anymore in the Studios.  In fact, outside of the occasional high school band, live music like this doesn't exist anymore in Walt Disney World.  One of the groups, For-for-a-dollar, did survive for a few more years as the preshow entertainment to Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage before finally being eliminated in 2008.

Aladdin's Royal Caravan was the afternoon parade and in the grand scheme of Walt Disney World parades, it wasn't a bad parade at all. To be honest, I'm more surprised to see the 1pm start time than anything else.  Hard for me to wrap my mind around a parade before 3pm in the parks.

I could go on for pages about traditional film here and the nostalgic value of that, but the real interest here should be the Disney Vacation Club advertisement for what we now know as Disney's Old Key West Resort.  Back then it was the only DVC resort and was simply called Disney Vacation Club Resort.  

The dining guide here is a level of detail we don't see in park maps anymore in Walt Disney World.  And shop descriptions are non-existant today, although back then gift shops were specialized and there was unique merchandise to be found there, whereas today it's all the same stuff everywhere.  

Interestingly, most of the restaurants listed here are still around today in the park.  Just two of the restaurants didn't make it to the present day: Soundstage Restaurant and The Catwalk Bar.

Some interesting things to see here are first and foremost, credit cards are not accepted at counter service restaurants. Can you imagine dealing with that today?  Also, The Darkoom shop offered two-hour film processing back in 1995!

Looking at the old park map, you'll notice the Backlot area has the most changes.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shows were around and there was no restaurant where Toy Story Pizza Planet is today.  Instead, it was just an arcade.

Two major attractions are no longer in the park today but listed on the park map: Superstar Television and The Monster Sound Show.  Classics by any definition.

What jumps out at me on this page of the map is how little there is on Sunset Boulevard.  There's no Rock 'n Roller Coaster, and no Fantasmic!.  After all, Sunset Boulevard hadn't been open for a year yet.  Also, there were Disney character meets called "Animated Disney Characters" on Sunset Boulevard which is something I cannot recall ever seeing.  

Of course, the entire Backlot Tour attractions are always fun to look at and remember just how much used to be available for guests to see.

I find it interesting to note that Star Tours did not have a height requirement in 1995, rather it had an age requirement.  Must have been signifigantly easier back then to sneak your kids on there if you wanted.

No guidemap is complete without an advertisement for Kodak.  

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