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Get your Star Wars Weekends questions answered!

Star Wars Weekends is coming up quickly and if you've got a question or two that you'd like to have answered before the event, starts, we're here to help!

Starting today (May 9) at noon eastern, tweet us your Star Wars Weekends questions to @studioscentral and we'll post your question and answer right here on the Hollywood Studios Blog!

  • @PayneKj: what is hyperspace hoopla? best place to watch the star wars parade?
  • Matt: Hyperspace Hoopla is an end the day ceremony that is a fun dance-off between various Star Wars characters.  It really is a must-see event and I look forward to seeing every year.  Concept is same year to year but the actual content changes every year.  Heck, the winners change day-to-day.

    The best place to watch the Star Wars parade is anywhere in the shade.  I prefer the Echo Lake area because it's less crowded than Hollywood Boulevard generally.  But if you can find a spot in the shade, it will make a world of difference.

  • @PayneKj: how busy is Star Tours during SW Weekends? More than Normal?
  • Matt: Yes, Star Tours will be busier than a non-SWW day for sure.  I don't anticipate it reaching awful levels but probably busier than normal.
  • @michael_tal76: We are going weekend 1 & 2 celebrating my 2 year old son & 8 year old daughter's birthdays. How early should I be to make sure they can do the 11 a.m. parade & the jedi training academy? This is our first Disney World trip.
  • Matt: The official park opening time is 8am, so I'd recommend arriving at least by 7am because quite often Disney will open the turnstiles earlier.  If you can swing earlier, it could help get better position in terms of where you are and put less people in front of you.
  • @WDWSoloMeets: How does SWW impact Star Tours wait times? How much longer than normal is the wait on those weekends?
  • Matt: Good question.  Prior to Star Tours being updated, there wasn't much of an effect.  Maybe a slight increase in demand but still manageable.  

    Last year was opening weekend(s) for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and so there was obviously a tremendous amount of demand.  This year, the new Star Tours will be one year old, so I expect to see more demand for it than a non-SWW day, but I don't think it will approach Toy Story Midway Mania type waits or anything crazy like that.

  • @RickNote: I will be there wk3 w/ 11 yr old Son who insists on being in line @5ish. Walk or drive from BWV?
  • Matt: I would drive just because you'll do plenty of walking during the day, so conserve your energy.
  • @andyschelb: Will they have fireworks or was that just last tour to endor?  
    How early do you have to get there for the Ray Park Darth maul presentation? is it more than once?  
    Will there be more exclusive merch that hasn't been released via blog? Or is it just about those 20 items or so?
  • Matt: No fireworks this year, sorry.

    I'd recommend getting in line 30-40 minutes early.  It's usually held in the Premier Theater, which allows guests to queue up in the exterior portion of the Muppet Vision 3D queue, which is thankfully shaded.  By about 15-20 minutes before show time, guests are usually let into the theater to sit (in air conditioning). In past years, it's been once a day.

    There will likely be more merchandise in general, but I doubt much more limited edition merchandise.  There will be plenty of Star Wars Weekend themed shirts, hats, etc as well as an assortment of other Star Wars merchandise, from Lucas and from Disney.

  • @mouseslap: Will women dress up as Slave Princess lea for Star wars Weekend?
  • Matt: Yes, there probably will be a couple that do, although Amidala costumes are the favorite among women it seems these days.
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