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Biggest Hollywood Studios stories of 2011

Hard to believe that 2011 is almost finished but we thought it would be fun to look over the biggest stories of 2011 related to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  See if your list matches ours!

5. Comedy Warehouse to perform shows in Hollywood Studios

It's pretty recent news (as in it's still happening now), but I do think the return of Comedy Warehouse is a big deal.  The downfall of Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney as a whole has been a point of contention for many Walt Disney World fans and the temporary return of the Comedy Warehouse shows has become the surprise hit of the holiday season.  Let's just hope this isn't the last time we see the Comedy Warehouse gang!

4. ESPN the Weekend cancelled

File this under "Who saw this coming?".  After previously announcing the dates for ESPN the Weekend 2012 and a 5k race, Disney did an about-turn in July and announced that ESPN the Weekend was cancelled indefinitely.  It sounded like ESPN pulled the plug on the event rather than Disney, but this annual event seems to be part of Walt Disney World history now, which is too bad considering it had become a very popular and well-run event.

3. Hollywood Studios and Epcot swap Vice Presidents

The head of Disney's Hollywood Studios changed in June when Epcot's Vice President Dan Cockerell, was named the new Vice President of Disney's Hollywood Studios and sent Rilous Carter (the former VP of the Studios) to Epcot.  Cockerell has been on the job for six months now and his presence is starting to be felt, such as the decision to bring back the Comedy Warehouse as well as the return of Fantasmic! every night.

2. Fantasmic! restored to every night

It isn't quite written in stone just yet, but back in August, Disney restored the Fantasmic! schedule to a show every night after two and a half years of cutting it back.  No one is sure why it was brought back (or why it was cut in the first place) but we can all agree it's great to have this show performing pretty much every evening for the foreseeable future.  Thank you Disney!

1. Star Tours The Adventures Continue Opens

Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest news in 2011 was the opening of Star Tours 2.  I mean, when the Walt Disney Company's CEO and George Lucas show up for an event at the Studios, it's pretty much a shoe-in for the top spot.  The new Star Tours breathed new life in the attraction as well as being well-recieved by the Disney Internet community with very positive reviews.  The new Star Tours ride is a wonderful sequel (well, technically a prequel) to the original and a new must-do at Disney's Hollywood Studios

What do you think was the biggest Hollywood Studios story of 2011?

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