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Guest review of the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Today's review brought to you by Mark and Libby Weaver who had an opportunity to try out the new menu at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.  Thanks to them for sharing their thoughts with us!

It had been 12 years since I’d paid a visit to Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at the Studios, and after this visit, it will not be that long between visits again! As many of you know, they recently did away with separate lunch and dinner menus and there is now the same menu for each, and a mild price adjustment for each service timeframe. But I am getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning and cover the entire restaurant shall we?

We approached the check in stand about 15 minutes early for our ADR, however once we checked in, we only had to wait about 5 minutes at the most and our hostess walked us back the “set” for the dining area. (For those who are unfamiliar with the area, Sci Fi is in a soundstage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the background and theming for the area is a giant prop background.) As you enter the dining area you transition to a drive in from the black and white movie era under a starry sky. You don’t eat at traditional tables; rather the tables are incorporated into cars with 3 rows per car that can comfortably seat 2 apiece. We were seated in a car with a family of 4 in front of us which was a bit awkward at first but the family was very friendly and made the experience that much better. Next to the cars are the speaker holders provided the sound to the various movie clips playing on the huge screen at the front of the restaurant. While there are some various old monster movie clips, there is nothing shown that would be scary to kids, and there were many of them all throughout.

Moving onto the food! We ordered only new items off the menu and I have to say all of them were better than expected. We started off with the Buffalo Potato Skins which came out very quickly after being ordered along with our main courses. Originally I was hesitant about these as for me, potato skins are one of those “don’t mess with what works” foods, but I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was not overly spicy but had enough heat to add flavor and they were generous with the portion size. We demolished 5 skins very quickly!

Our entrée’s arrived quickly after we finished and again, pleasantly surprised with these and just floored at the size of the plates. I ordered the new ribeye steak that came with smashed potatoes and seasonal veggies with a gravy/sauce added. The steak was cooked as I ordered (medium), and didn’t have a lot of fat on it, and was delicious! The smashed potatoes had their skins left in and were complemented by the gravy and both were very enjoyable, as were the vegetables! My only complaint is that the plate was kind of small and everything overlapped a bit but that is more of a cosmetic issue that others may not be bothered by. Bottom line, this is something I would order again, and if you want a steak while in DHS, this is one to go for. Now let me turn the review over to my wife and her entrée!

Hello! I am Libby, and I had the picnic burger. I had seen it on the menu and when I got it I didn’t think it would be that big, but it was massive!! It had a giant burger with two grilled hot dogs underneath. It was covered in sour kraut and mushrooms along with a giant pickle spear and bacon. When I bit into it, it was wonderful. The flavors blended together nicely. I was unable to finish the burger unfortunately as I had eaten some of the buffalo chicken potato skins and that day I was full very quickly. However if given the opportunity to try the burger again, I would definitely do it again.

Overall, the meal was very impressive and I’m glad to see the quality of food rise here as it has been scrutinized in the past, and the restaurant was packed. After a milkshake and tip, our total bill came to $60ish dollars for the two of us, which we thought to be very reasonable for the amount of food we had. I do believe we will be returning here on our next trip!

Contributed by: Mark Weaver. Mark is the owner of Illuminating Epcot, a website dedicated to all things Epcot and a co-host on the Generation Mouse Podcast.

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