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Citizens of Hollywood Photo Showcase - The Divine Dorma Nesmond

Back for another WDW Photography guest post here on Studios Central. Cory and I are really enjoying these articles and being able to focus on some Hollywood Studios photography, hopefully you are enjoying reading them also! We have lots of future ideas in mind, in fact Cory is at Walt Disney World this week and mentioned taking photos at Hollywood Studios specifically for future articles.

For this week I wanted to showcase some photos of the Citizens of Hollwood at Hollywood Studios. People who follow my photography on flickr and on WDW Photography will know that I am a huge fan of the Citizens of Hollywood cast. In fact, the majority of my photos from Hollywood Studios include the citizens in some form.

Every member of this Streetmosphere group seems to love the camera, especially when they see a larger dslr and a zoom lens. They get all excited and start posing and acting silly for the camera, even calling us the paparazzi. One actress in particular seems to love to have her photo taken, "The Divine" Dorma Nesmond. Today I want to show a few photos of Dorma Nesmond that I took last year at the Studios. She was in the middle of a skit with Officer Peabody (who was giving her a driving test on Sunset Blvd.) but each time she saw me taking a photo, she would stop and dramatically pose.

Dorma Nesmond - Citizens of Hollywood

Dorma Nesmond

Dorma Nesmond and Officer Peabody - Citzens of Hollywood

This next photo is one of my favorites from the series. She was honestly laughing and trying not to because of what Officer Peabody was doing. A guest had walked by and made some silly comment to him but kept walking. He decided to stop the skit right there and chased this guest down Sunset Blvd so he could arrest them. He ended up bring the guest back with him and wrote a ticket and made the guest apologize.

It is these situations that make it so much fun to stop and watch the Citizens of Hollywood whenever you can, even if the skit itself is repeated, they always find a way to make them unique and always very funny.

If you are interested in what goes into processing these photos, I hope you will visit WDW Photography today. I am posting a companion article where I go through the steps I took to process one of the above photos in today's article. The photos did not look like this after I took them so I ended up having to do some work to bring the color back and get things right. Hopefully you will learn a few tips by reading the companion article that will help you with your own processing.

I will have future articles showcasing photos of other members of the Citizens of Hollywood. If you have a favorite citizen you want to see featured, let me know in the comments below.

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