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Hollywood Studios Blog


Shooting the Tower of Terror Lobby

I'm pleased to welcome Cory Disbrow and Adam Hansen from WDWPhotography.com as guest bloggers here on the Hollywood Studios Blog.  They're talent for taking amazing photos is well known and they will be sharing some photos they've taken inside Disney's Hollywood Studios with you.  Keep the drooling to a minimum (or at least wipe up after yourself) and enjoy!

Hey guys! This is Cory from WDWPhotography.com. First off, I'd like to thank Matt and the entire Studios Central team for allowing us to share some space on this great site! And for our first post, I'd like to talk about how the Cast Members at my favorite WDW attraction, The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror created some serious photographic magic for me.



Last June, I was enjoying my family vacation at Walt Disney World. During one of our days at the Studios, right before closing, we decided to ride ToT. The crowds were pretty light that night, so I decided that once we got into the lobby area of the queue, that I was going to pop up my tripod and try to get some good shots of the area, which was something I had never done. Of course, when I got there I made sure it was OK with the CM that I set my tripod up. She told me to just make sure I didn't get in the way of the Fastpass line. I obliged and starting shooting. 



After a few minutes of chit chat about how I had just started a Disney photography website and talking about the amazing Tower of Terror details, this CM invited me to go past the velvet ropes and into the actual lobby itself. Needless to say, I was elated!



I had my fisheye lens attached as I wanted to get some really wide shots with the whole lobby in frame. For this one, I was actually almost laying on the ground in the lobby, while being very careful, as the CM said the one rule about me taking pictures in there was to "not touch anything". 



Needless to say, it was a magical memory for sure. The memory of people walking by me in the Fastpass lane while I was laying on the floor in a place where most people haven't been able to go is one I will certainly never forget. Others have tried this, and it depends on the CM you have working there if you'll get access. Some people have had the entire queue from here to the ride vehicles all to themselves for half an hour. And some have been told to move along. So, it is always worth it to try! If this article got your interest, and you are curious as to more of the technical side of the photos that happened that night, make sure to check out our post over at WDWPhotography.com where I'll go over everything. Also check out our many articles and tutorials pertaining to Disney and Photography! Thanks for reading, and see ya real soon!

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