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Hollywood Studios Blog


The Never-Ending Wait...For Rope Drop

I'm sure you've noticed in my posts that I place a high importance on getting to the Studios (or any Disney Park) for rope drop. It is the easiest way to ensure that you'll get to do all that you had planned in the Park that day. Getting there so early is no easy feat, though. Especially when there are diapers to change, bottles to make, mouths to feed, and tantrums to be had all before 9am.
This post is all about what feels like the never-ending wait which occurs at the turnstiles before the Park opens. Let's start at the beginning. First off, when I say I get to the Studios for rope drop, I don't mean I get to the Park just before park opening. This, to me, does not constitute being there for rope drop (even though you are still there for the actual dropping of the rope). Making rope drop to me, means being close enough to the front of the crowd to actually see that rope get collected by the Cast Member. In other words, I want to be among the first people getting that FASTPASS for Toy Story Mania (TSM) and then jumping in the standby line to ride it all before 9:15am. Yes, our little family of four is hard-core about WDW.
So, ensuring we are front row (or close to it) to see the opening skit with the Hollywood Studios film crew, means waking up at 6:15am, 6:30am latest. Are we crazy? No, not really. On our last trip two weeks ago, both of our kids were up by six anyway. BUT - to prove to you that we live up to our "hard-core" billing, my husband and I used to get up by 7:00am-7:30am to get to rope drop - even before our kids. We aim to be on the 8am bus from Animal Kingdom Villas. We "aim" because it doesn't always happen with the kiddies, unfortunately. Sometimes an unforeseen diaper change or toddler tantrum forces us to be on the (gasp!) 8:30am - ish bus. Although it has always been our first choice, being on that 8am bus has proved to be a double-edged sword...
Yes, that 8am bus will pretty much guarantee us a spot in that front row for rope drop, but will it come at the expense of a baby and toddler meltdown? Our recent trip proved that for a family with two small kids, maybe arriving at 8:15am when the Studios doesn't open until 9am isn't the best idea. Why? BOREDOM! Babies and toddlers can't handle that. Sure, when you arrive and you're one of the first people at the turnstiles, it's great. You feel vindicated for doing all that work getting everyone out the door by 8am, and my two year-old has plenty of space to run around. By 8:30am, however, that waiting area behind the turnstiles of the Studios, however, gets pretty crowded, and there's less and less room for the toddler to run and the baby to be walked. Sure, we have mastered the procrastination techniques: application of the sunscreen to both kids, coloring books, movies on the iPod AND BlackBerry, singing songs. But still, by 8:45am, they are both a complete mess. And - on top of their meltdowns brought on by boredom, you have a whole crowd behind you staring!
8:45am. Now it's time to go through the turnstiles and proceed to the infamous rope. We're right at the front (pro), but now the actors in the show get to see my misbehaving toddler upclose (huge con). So, needless to say, this past trip made us re-think the time for which we should arrive at the Parks. Arriving at 8:30am-8:45am will still mean we can get an early FASTPASS return time for TSM, but will mean that we will probably not be able to ride standby without being in a massive line. Hmmmm, tantrums and meltdowns or an extra ride on TSM? Although a very tough decision, I'm going to have to go with having happy kids. :)

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