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Hip Restaurant, Daddy-O! 50s Prime Time: A Restaurant Review


So you're on a seven day vacation to WDW, and by day four, you are starting to miss the comforts of home - and that includes the home-cooked meals! I can sympathize. My husband and I actually had this conversation on our most recent trip.
...but then we walked into the 50's Prime Time Cafe. There was suddenly this feeling of "Ah, we're home". Well, not our home - I should hope that our kitchen isn't adorned with 1950s memorabilia - but someone's home. At first glance, it could have been Frank and Marie's kitchen from Everybody Loves Raymond. But the point is, we didn't feel like we had stepped into another WDW restaurant.
We had a reservation, so we gave the Cast Member at the reception desk our names, and then sat down in a big enveloping couch, as we waited to be called into "Momma's kitchen". Apparently, you are able to take a look at "Dad's Livingroom" while you're waiting, but we missed this. Upon sitting in that big comfy couch, you begin to feel that you are no longer a guest at a restaurant, but part of the family awaiting a nice homemade meal at home.
After 10 or so minutes, a Cast Member called the "(insert our last name here) kids" and we felt like little kids again being summoned by our mother. We were led to our table and were seated in one of the many kitchen settings they have in this restaurant. The kitchen area was great - again, it looked like something straight out of Leave It To Beaver. There were three TVs in our kitchen playing old black and white TV shows. My only complaint here was that the tables were so close together. This may not be a problem for most, but when you have two very young children and all the paraphenalia that goes along with that, it makes for a very tight squeeze.

Our kitchen (we were in back corner under the TV):

It was very noticeable upon sitting down that the table wasn't set. There were plates and napkins in the center of the table. The server arrived shortly after we were seated and set down glasses of water and threw straws on to the table. She proceeded to say "set the table". Now, you have to understand the banter here. Remember that you are at "Momma's kitchen" and you are her children. Your server is another member of your family. So, this explains why the server will talk to you with the same candor as your 10 year old sibling might have at one time. Please don't take offence - it is all an (very amusing) act! After telling us to set the table, our server told us to remember to keep our elbows off the table if we didn't want to get in trouble.
Unfortunately, our 8 month-old baby had a little incident during dinner (I won't go into the yucky details), but this caused he and my husband to miss a chunk of dinner, while I stayed with our two year-old daughter. Even with my husband gone, our server was very attentive, tried to help out when she could as she saw I had a bunch of paraphenalia, a daughter who refused to eat her dinner and instead kept demanding ice cream, and a husband who I could not locate! All this, yet she still stayed in character with my daughter and I and continually referred to me as "sis" and helped my daughter eat two more bites of chicken.
As for the food, both my husband and I were very pleased with what we ordered. Hubby ordered the new sampler plate which features Dad’s Meatloaf, Mom’s Pot Roast, and Aunt Liz’s Fried Chicken. He loved all of it. His only complaint? Being a big eater, he would have liked if each potion was a bit bigger.

(Mandy Jansen from DisneyFoodBlog.com)

I'm another story: I don't like meat. I don't like fish. The menu worried me at first glance. The only entree for me was the Uncle Dana's Artichoke and Risotta Agnolotti. Our server told me it was like a stew. Stew or Eww is what I was wondering... however, seeing as how it was the only veggie entree on the menu, I gave it a shot. I am so glad that I did! It was delicious. I finished every last bite, and I could have eaten more. My daughter even started eating off my plate, and she is beyond picky! I highly recommend this dish.


Although we didn't get this far, apparently, the dessert menu is on a Viewfinder. How cool! Can't wait to see this next trip.
We really enjoyed our dinner here and will return. As I mentioned, we missed some of the tomfoolery because of our son's incident, but we still felt like we were included enough in the antics of this place. I look forward to taking my own parents here when we return to WDW in the fall.
Great atmosphere, great food and great fun. Do you expect anything less from Disney?


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