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Hollywood Studios Blog


Top 10 Must-Dos - A Trip Report

I'm back... but reluctantly so! I'm never ready for a WDW trip to end. We had absolutely gorgeous weather for the first half of the week. No humidity at all. Then, on Thursday, it became uncomfortably hot, and it made us remember why we like our winter trips better!
Since my last post before I left was about my top 10 must-dos in Hollywood Studios, I thought I'd report back on which ones happened, and which did not, and what I thought of the ones that did!
10.Eating a Toluca Leg at Toluca Legs Turkey Co. on Sunset Boulevard. -- Sadly, my husband did not get to eat one this trip. The heat was intense on our day in the Studios and my 2 year-old daughter's patience was running out after a busy morning. We opted to head back to the resort for lunch there. I guess he will have to wait until September to sink his teeth into one of these again!
9. Seeing the new Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun Parade. -- Again, this didn't happen for the same reason as number 10. Hoping to catch this in September, as well!
8. Riding the Studio Backlot Tour -- Wow, I'm 0 for 3. Again, no. We were at the front of the line, after having waited about 10 mins, but my daughter started throwing a "I don't want to be associated with this kid"-kind of trantrum! Since we didn't fit into the first show and the Cast Member told us it would be another 10 minutes until the next ride, we left in a hurry!
7. Experiencing the new Disney Junior - Live on Stage. -- Yay! One that I did do. My daughter LOVED this. She was practically dancing throughout the entire show! We will definitely go again in September because it was such a fun time for her! I have to stand by my previous comments regarding the puppet sizes, however. We were seated near the back of the theater, and my daughter had to stand the whole time to even see the puppets. They are so short.
6. Shopping on Sunset Boulevard. -- Of course, I made sure that this happened! I am sure my husband is happy that I can say I only "window shopped" here. No purchases made - although it was very tempting!
5. Meeting Buzz, Woody, Jesse, etc. -- We did this, and Buzz and Woody were great. However, my daughter was more shy with them than I thought she'd be! She loves to run up to Mickey and the gang and give big hugs, but she barely smiled with Woody and Buzz. Oh well... we shall try again in September! I'm just glad that I didn't wait in a long line for that reaction! ;-)

4. Riding my favorite attraction in all of WDW: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. -- Yes!! I did this right after our meet and greet with Buzz and Woody. The wait was indeed "13 minutes" and I was through the whole ride in under 15 minutes. It was amazing, as usual! And, there is some construction going on during the queue right before you enter the Hotel. I wonder what kind of refurbishment it will be...

3. Riding my second favorite ride in the Studios: Toy Story Mania. -- We were right at the front of the rope for rope drop. We were right at the front of the stampede heading to Toy Story Mania. We could have been at the front of the standby line to ride, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Hubby took the kids to the standby line while I went for FASTPASSes. Well, there was a problem with the machine and by the time the Cast Member figured out what was wrong, the standby line was too long to bother riding it first thing. We waited until our FASTPASS return time of 9:50am and were told to go through the wheelchair access line. There was absolutely no one in this line so we walked right on our car! This has never happened before. I think it had to do with the fact that the regular FASTPASS line was full. No complaints here!

2. Ride the new Star Tours attraction. -- Ok, so I was one of the "lucky" people who were able to ride during the ride's soft opening. I got a FASTPASS and entered the FASTPASS line around 7pm. I waited in line about 10 mins. I'm almost afraid to say this because I know this site has such a huge Star Tours 2 following, but... I don't think it was worth the wait. The 3D was good - but I didn't think it was any better than that featured in Mickey's Philharmagic or It's Tough To Be A Bug. The ride itself was too short, I thought. To be fair, I have never seen a Star Wars movie, have no idea who the characters are (except for Luke and Darth), and so the storyline in my ride meant nothing to me. I can only comment on the ride itself - and it was pretty bland for my liking. My story was that we had a rebel onboard and so Darth Vader wanted our ship (?) and we were trying to escape him. I heard many other Star Wars fans after the ride saying they loved it, though! So maybe you have to be a fan to "get it".
1. Eating at 50s Prime Time Cafe. -- Yes, I ate here! It was a nice time! I'm not going to go into detail, though, because I'm planning to save that for a later post. ;-) 

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