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Food review: Italian Meatball Sub

Being from the northeast of the United States, I've become quite the pizza snob as nearly any pizza outsideof the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) is usually disappointing.  So for years I've not been a fan of the pizza at Toy Story Pizza Planet (or most pizza at Walt Disney World) because it's no better than the frozen pizzas you can find in your supermarket.  

However, earlier this month I had heard that there was an Italian meatball sub at Toy Story Pizza Planet that was very good and it piqued my interest.  So much so that I decided to try it out this past weekend and see if the food was as good as the hype lead me to beleive.

After getting the sub ($8.69 with Caesar salad or you can order the sub alone and not pay for the salad for only $6.49), it definitely struck me as looking good.  There's nothing worse than ordering something and it doesn't look appetizing before you even take a bite of it.  I also thought it looked big enough to be satisfying.  I remember years ago Disney introduced flatbreads at Studio Catering Co that were really good, but really small.


I took a few bites and suprisingly, it tasted quite good!  The bread was fresh and crisp and tasted like a roll should (I despise soft rolls that have no texture).  The meatballs were a good size and tasted great.  They weren't spicy (perhaps on a scale of 1-10 of spiciness, I'd give it a 1 or 2) and had a great taste.  The provolone cheese was enough without overdoing it.  Too often I feel like Disney overdoes it with cheese but there was a good balance.

I found the marinara sauce they used to be good too.  Probably nothing better than something you'd find in a can in the supermarket but it tasted good.  Really, the taste I found that stood out was the meatballs, not the sauce or the cheese and for me, that made me happy. I know there are lots of people have hangups about the sauce, but I found the sauce to my liking.

For the kids, Disney also offers a mini-meatball sub that is identical to this one, but features only one meatball in a smaller roll for $4.99 and includes the usual kids meal stuff such as applesauce, carrot sticks and choice of milk, water or apple juice.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the meatball sub.  It tasted good and for the price is a good value.  I'd definitely prefer to eat one of these than the bland and boring counter service burgers you can find in the theme parks these days.  As someone that is always looking for those hidden gems of food, this is definitely a good choice for your next lunch at Hollywood Studios.

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