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Hollywood Studios Blog


Studios says Aloha to Bucky Greenhorn

This article is long overdue. Partially due to scheduling conflicts, but most because I don't want to finish and publish it. If I publish it, that makes it final, and I don't want this to be true.

Over the past couple months we have been reporting on all the changes coming to Disney Hollywood Studios' Streetmosphere troupe, the Citizens of Hollywood. Probably the biggest upset of them all was the shocking announcement that fan favorite, Hollywood's Next Leading Man Bucky Greenhorn, was leaving. I had the bittersweet pleasure of being present for his last day, and got an exclusive first look at what's next for our ukelele superstar.

It started that Friday at 4 o'clock, with Bucky's last concert. As I set up my camera at the end of Hollywood Boulevard, I saw many familiar faces I recognized as Citizens fans. Bucky encouraged us to get our requests in now, because it was our last chance! If you listen closely, you can hear many funny inside jokes, whether intended or not. Like when he sings a verse from 'Freebird', or when he sings the song about where everybody's from because "he may be singing it a lot more in the future".


After he and Mimi were done, I headed over to my bench to grab the best seat for the final skit of the day in front of the Beverly Sunset Sweet Spells, but unfortunately, to my horror and anguish, somebody was already sitting there! But not just any somebody- it was Studios Central guest blogger and friend Yulady Rodriguez Guerrero! Now, when a regular guest is occupying my bench, there is a proper protocol. It's called "Sit On The Bench Across The Street And Awkwardly Stare At Said Guests Until They Move". (It's a long title, but we're working on it.) But this was somebody I knew. More importantly, this was somebody who knew this was MY bench. So I confronted Yulady. In a strangely sweet twist of fate, Yulady was actually reserving the seats for myself and our other Citizens cast member and friend Kristine. How sweet!

We began discussing how disappointed we were in all the upcoming changes when another woman came up and introduced herself, seeing my "CELEBRATING Bucky Greenhorn" button. Turns out she was "Mrs. Greenhorn"! Sarah is also in Disney entertainment as a Voice of Liberty at Epcot, and we probably sang together when I was in high school and singing in the Candlelight Processional! We had so much fun talking, but then the street soundtrack went silent, the performers appeared, and the show began.


Aloha, Bucky Greenhorn :) Until we meet again.

Now, you may be asking yourself "Why is Bucky leaving? Where is he going from here?" Well Bucky is moving "out West", so to speak, to Pioneer Hall at the Fort Wilderness Resort. He has been cast as Six Bits Slocum in the ever popular Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, and I had the unique honor of being invited by another person in the cast to see a dress rehearsal just yesterday morning, and boy was it amazing! Here is your EXCLUSIVE Studios Central first look at Bucky Greenhorn as Six Bits!

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