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Food report: Studios Catering Co

Given the fact that chefs, recipes and menus change quite often around Walt Disney World, it's important for me to keep track of the state of the food options found in Disney's Hollywood Studios by trying the food as often as I can.  This past weekend I had lunch at Studio Catering Co with Henry Work and Scott Barrett.

I hadn't really eaten at Studios Catering Co since they changed the menu last year and at that time, I enjoyed the buffalo chicken sandwich so the question was is the chicken sandwich still good and what else on the menu is tasty.  Henry and Scott decided to try the buffalo chicken sandwich and I opted for the Greek salad.

Henry and Scott reported the chicken sandwich to be quite good.  It's a rather large serving of chicken on a roll, covered in buffalo sauce with lettuce and tomato.  We all agreed the sandwich was worth the cost and thought it was as good or better than any fast food chain sandwich of similar nature you could find outside the parks.  Henry felt the sandwich should have come sliced in half given its size.  I'll add that the sandwich can make a mess with the buffalo sauce dripping everywhere, so get plenty of napkins.

Our other entree was the greek salad, which I've become a big fan of in general over the years.  This greek salad was about the size of any other salad entree I've had a counter service restaurant.  My biggest complaint about the salad was it was drowning in salad dressing.  This resulted in the lettuce and other elements of the salad feeling soggy, nevermind the health ramifications of over-doing the salad dressing. Next time, I'll ask for the dressing on the side.

The salad tasted fine, but I really didn't think it was indicative of what a Greek salad should be.  There wasn't enough feta cheese (it should be large cubes), too much lettuce and the other parts of the salad like cucumber, tomato, peppers and onions should be big pieces and not diced.

If you're going to eat at Studio Catering Co, be sure to stick with the buffalo chicken sandwich and if you order the salad, definitely ask for the dressing on the side.

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