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A drink at the Brown Derby

Last night I met a good friend of mine for dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby.  In addition to catching up with each other, I used this opportunity to sample something I'd always wanted to try at the Brown Derby, one of their drink samplers.

The Hollywood Brown Derby has a number of drink samplers named after the Citizens of Hollywood found nearby.  It's a great use of synergy to take drinks that might ordinarily not be that exciting and give them a Disney World touch.



Since I haven't developed much of a taste for a martini yet, I opted to try to the Citizens Take Flight margarita sampler.  I've had plenty of margaritas in Hollywood Studios and around Disney's Hollywood Studios to have an idea of what the typical fare is.  Most of the margaritas you can find at counter service locations are those frozen margaritas that come out of a machine in a variety of flavors. 

The Citizens Take Flight margaritas include

  • Bucky Greenhorn's Derby Margarita (regular lemon flavor)
  • Melvin Macheezmo Mango Margarita
  • "Ready" Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate Margarita

I asked about the margaritas and was presented with this giant explanation of who each of the Citizens of Hollywood are and a little bit about them.  It's a great primer for those who aren't aware of the characters and it was an unexpected touch.

The sampler was $11 and I wasn't quite sure what to expect in terms of how much of each margarita I'd get to sample.  We went ahead and ordered the drinks, which were delivered to our table a few minutes later.


Frankly, the drinks were bigger than I was expecting, which was a welcome surprise.  There's definitely enough drink to share with friends.  I'd estimate each drink was in the ballpark of about 6-8oz each.  Each was served on the rocks (with ice, not a frozen mix of finely chopped ice and beverage)

First up was Bucky Greenhorn's Derby Margarita, which came in the regular lemon flavor.  As you might expect, this wasn't that exciting in terms of flavor but it did help to cleanse my pallet between drinks and served as a good "control" for the other drinks.

Next was Melvin Macheezmo Mango Margarita.  This was easily my favorite as the flavor here was really good.  It tasted good and was quite smooth.  In all of the drinks, you didn't really taste the tequila, which is either a tribute to the mixologist or an indication Disney is cheap with the booze.  At any rate, this was the best tasting of the trio and one I would love to have a full sized version of.

Last was "Ready" Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate Margarita which also tasted quite good.  I mentioned I prefered the mango flavor but the pomegranate was still quite good and something I think anyone who enjoys a margarita would like.

Overall, the margarita flight tasted great and was a pretty good value.  I felt the amount of drink you get along with the price made it a great option for groups going to the Derby and wanting to enjoy a few drinks without committing to just one.  This would be a great option to share with friends and I was quite satisfied with my choice.

Next time, I'll have a review of our entrees and whether they were as good as our beverages!

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