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December 2010 park hours longest in a while

Taking a deeper look at yesterday's news that Disney's Hollywood Studios park hours had been extended dramatically, I wanted to compare the park hours this year to previous years and see how it ranks.  The best way for me to rank the park hours was to count how many times Hollywood Studios will be open to at least 10pm, which for the the Studios is really the latest the park is ever open (aside from New Years).

As of right now, there will be 13 days in December 2010 when the park will be open to at least 10pm.  So how does that stack up to the last 7 or 8 years?  Let's look at the Hollywood Studios park hours and start counting...

2010 - 13
2009 - 5
2008 - 5
2007 - 9
2006 - 8
2005 - 7
2004 - 5
2003 - 6
As you can see, for December 2010 we have the most days where the Studios is open to at least 10pm by a good margin.  I should mention there is a possibility that perhaps I'm off a day or two here or there, but you can see the count isn't even close, with 2007 coming in second with 4 fewer days.
In addition, there's four days this December where Fantasmic! will be shown 3 times per night (December 28, 29, 30, 31) whereas in December 2009, there were 3 nights when that feat occurred.
It's pretty interesting to note the look back and see that this year broke the mold, which is rather interesting considering a recent report said attendance in Walt Disney World is down.  So why the record park hours this month?  One good guess is Disney is anticipating higher attendance than previously anticipated.  And it's doubtful park hours from year to year have any intentional connection to each other on Disney's part, but for those going to Walt Disney World during Christmas week, be prepared for lots of time in the park....and maybe lots of other people thinking the same thing.
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