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Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

An attraction highlighting the important accomplishments the man behind the mouse had during his amazing career. It is a fitting tribute to the Walt Disney, whom is often forgotten by park guests who come to the many theme parks he helped create.
Attraction In-Depth

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream is a large scale tribute to Walt Disney and is located near behind the Great Movie Ride. Launched in late 2001, the exhibit showcases the career of Walt Disney, starting from his life as a child through his early career and then subsequent career successes.  One Man's Dream continues by showcasing the theme parks he inspired others to create. Many of his achievements are highlighted here including his many technical innovations as well as the successes he enjoyed throughout his career.

In November 2010, Walt Disney: One Man's Dream received a two month long refurbishment that removed some of the displays and added new ones in its place.  In December 2010, a new section titled "The Legacy Continues" will focus on the work the Walt Disney Company has completed since Walt's death.


Walt Disney: One Man's Dream is a fitting tribute to the man who is probably not know very well known, if at all, by the park guests who frequent the park. For years there was little to no mention of Walt despite the fact the parks were his dream and in late 2001, Disney remedied the situation by creating this wonderful attraction dedicated to the legend himself.

There's a fine line between honoring someone and creating a shrine for them and this attraction balances that line perfectly. It's informative and educational without becoming preachy. Walt and his achievements are celebrated and honored but not idolized. It's a perfect blend of information and history. For those who lived when Walt was alive, this ought to bring back some nice memories while those who were not around during Walt's life would gain a new found appreciation for the many splendid works he was a part of.

One Man's Dream is an attraction easy to work into your touring schedule as there is never a line for it. Keep in mind during slower times of the year, the attraction will only be open for a few hours per day so be sure to work it in when you have some down time. A favorite strategy is to see it when you have 20-30 minutes to waste, like when waiting for your FASTPASS time window to arrive. There is a lot of detail in this attraction so take the time to enjoy the exhibits and take it all in.

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
Sweet and enjoyable, Disney has done a wonderful job celebrating their founder.
Guest Appeal
There's a very interesting story related to Walt Disney from his films to his theme parks.
Disney World Veteran Rating
Walt finally get's his due.
Teen Rating
Younger teens may find it boring, older one's may or may not like it. It's a toss up.
Lasting Appeal
This attractions fate is not set in stone, so see it while you can. With all the information here, you're sure to have missed something.
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Your rating: None Average: 4.8 (5 votes)
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