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Sounds Dangerous

If you've ever wondered how much impact sound effects have on movies and television (haven't we all), then be prepared to take all the sound effects and gags you can handle!
Attraction In-Depth

Sounds Dangerous replaces the old sound effects show Monster Sound Show, starring Chevy Chase. Sounds Dangerous, features Drew Carey, and pits him as the star of a new television show that the studio is piloting (showing to see if it works) which to us, the guest, is a quick demo of how sound effects make movies and TV that much better. It's quite funny, and great for those with a well developed sense of humor.

In it, you follow the antics of an undercover investigation show where Drew Carrey's character pretends to be a security guard at a company suspected of smuggling diamonds.  Very quickly things go from bad to worse and the plot of the attraction is revealed. Much of the attraction is spent in complete darkness with the special audio effects being your guide to what is going on during the show.  Like the Monster Sound Show, it promotes the importance of foley artists in films and television and how sound is just as important as visuals.  It's less preachy than it's predacessors about foley artists, yet it manages to keep the message the same.

During the show, you wear earphones to maximize the effects of the sounds you hear and as you're introduced to the stars of the show (Drew et al). 


Sounds Dangerous is an attraction worth seeing once, but it's repeat value quickly diminishes. It's a neat idea, and follows a tradition of other attractions in this building that highlighted the importance of sound in film, but it isn't a classic Disney attraction nor does it beg to be seen many times.   The good news is  Sounds Dangerous offers ample seating with lots of air conditioning in the dark, which makes for a great choice in the afternoon when it can be the hottest outside.  

The comedy appeals to just about anyone, and although some jokes are a bit crude and may make Grandma cringe, well....she'll be in the dark so no one can see her. A pitfall of this attraction is that two thirds of the show is in pitch blackness. We're talking you can pick someones nose and they won't know who did it. For most people, that's fine but those who are afraid of the dark(young ones in particular) may want to avoid it. For everyone else, its a great little show and worth stopping by.

It should be noted that Sounds Dangerous has been closed for a while and only operates "seasonaly", which is Disney code for it is only open if there are extreme crowds and more than likely will be closed during your trip.

Sounds Dangerous Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
The show is very original in how it shows how sounds are important in the movie making process without actually making the guest feel like they're being educated.
Guest Appeal
Only those afraid of the dark or loud noise will not enjoy this attraction. Grandma and little Johnny should have no trouble.
Disney World Veteran Rating
This is no Tower of Terror and it's become an attraction many veterans opt to skip
Teen Rating
This is no Tower of Terror but it's still a worthwhile attraction to experience.
Lasting Appeal
The show is the same so it may get old after a while. Enjoy it while you can.
OVERALL RATING(not an average)
Your rating: None Average: 1.6 (5 votes)
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