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Disney Junior - Live on Stage

A fun stage show for the toddlers who enjoy the Disney Junior programming block on the Disney Channel
Attraction In-Depth

Disney Junior - Live on Stage is based on popular kids television shows on the Disney Junior television network.  It features characters from the shows Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Children sit in front of the stage (no seats, just an open floor) which allows the younger ones to move around and be able to dance and sing.   

Disney Junior showcases a small bit from each TV show to help tell the overall story of Mickey Mouse and his friends trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Minnie Mouse.  Mickey quickly delegates the tasks for the party to each of his friends, however the his friends learn they don't know to perform the required function and learn from other "examples" that take the form of the Sophia the First helping Cedric perform a spell and Doc McStuffins repairing one of her beloved toys. Disney Junior - Live on Stage! is definitely aimed at preschool aged children. Kids are encouraged to stand up and dance and do everything they're told not to do at any other Walt Disney Word attraction.


Children under the age of 7 should fall absolutely in love with Disney Junior - Live on Stage, even if they've never seen the show. For any child who's dreamed of being on their favorite TV show, this is as close as it can get without actually filming. Thoughtful, caring and fun for youngsters, Disney Junior - Live on Stage will certainly entertain any child. For parents or those who stop in to see what it is, you may find it boring. The puppets are remarkably well constructed and the puppetry is outstanding.

As previously mentioned, there are no seats so you'll want to sit about halfway back from the stage. Sitting as close to the stage as possible will definitely lead to viewing problems (the stage is elevated above the floor) so kids would have a problem seeing the back of the stage. Try sitting halfway between the stage and the back and the right side (facing the stage) offers a great view of what goes on (and is less crowded and easier to get to than the coveted middle section).

This attraction gets re-done every few years when the television shows featured are eclipsed by even more popular shows on the Playhouse Disney lineup. Previous shows that have been featured include Bear in the Big Blue House, Rollie-Pollie-Ollie, JoJo and Goliath, Stanley, The Book of Pooh, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny and the Little Einsteins. The current edition of the show has been performing since February 2013.

Because Disney Junior - Live on Stage is arguably the highlight of any family that any kids under 6, you will want to get this done early as there are limited showings per day and performances will fill up fast. Try seeing either the first or second show of the day. Don't be afraid to wait a while in line if you arrive early because there are televisions throughout the queue that play Disney Junior television clips for the kids to watch. Plan on arriving early for whichever showtime you select. I'd advise somewhere in the 15-20 minute time range normally but if you're going during a busier time of the year, 20-30 minutes will guarantee you a spot. There are also meet-n-greet areas outside the building (closer to the Hollywood Brown Derby side of the building) where many of the stars of the show are available for meet-n-greet.

Disney Junior - Live on Stage Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
Great puppetry bring these television shows to life
Guest Appeal
Toddlers and young children will love it. Older kids and most adults will likely not be interested
Disney World Veteran Rating
Not the most essential attraction to see unless you're raising a commando kid
Teen Rating
Hardly any teenagers will find this attraction relevant or worth checking out
Lasting Appeal
Disney Junior is a good fit for the hard-to-satisfy young children category. Kid's will love it and want to see it another couple of times.
OVERALL RATING(not an average)
Your rating: None Average: 3.3 (19 votes)
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