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Disney Channel Rocks!

A show based on music from Disney Channel hit shows, including “Camp Rock”, “StarStruck,” as well as “High School Musical” performed live.
Attraction In-Depth

Disney Channel Rocks! features select songs from popular Disney channel television series and movies, performed live aboard a traveling stage.  Taking place in front of the Sorcerer's Hat, Disney Channel Rocks features music from High School Musical, Camp Rock, Cheetah Girls, Star Struck and Jump In.  Disney Channel Rocks also allows guests from the audience to dance in one of the scenes with the performers.


Disney Channel Rocks! is the latest live performance of music from a hit Disney Channel franchise.  Unlike it's predacessors that focused on the latest High School Musical film, Disney Channel Rocks expands its repetoire to include music from a number of popular television series and films.  By including more than one franchise, it allows the show to appeal to a greater range of kids who enjoy the shows.  We should emphasize the word "kids" because Disney Channel Rocks is definitely aimed at the tween and younger set of kids, who watch the Disney Channel religiously and enjoy that sort of programming.  

As in previous shows, you can be a part of the show during a sequence when volunteers are asked to join the performers to dance.  Unlike other shows, there isn't a set number of volunteers so you can easily just walk right up and start dancing. If your child would like to volunteer, sitting in the first row or two makes it easier to be a part of the show.

Since this is performed at various times of the day in front of the Sorcerer's Hat, there are no seats or a line to speak of. About 30-40 minutes before the show, Cast Members instruct anyone waiting for the show to wait in a line. However, when the Disney Channel Rocks vehicle drives in and starts, guests are then lead in a horizontal line to the show area. Ideally you want to be front row, center so it's best to to arrive 20 minutes before show time and be in a spot halfway between the Sorcerer's Hat and the tip board.

Overall, Disney Channel Rocks is a must-do for kids who love any of the Disney Channel franchises included in the show.  It's performed often enough throughout the day to make it fairly easy to catch.  Keep in mind during warmer months, you will have to wait and see the show with no shade at all, so it can get very hot, very quickly.  This show is aimed at kids and tweens, so if you don't have anyone in that age range in your group, it might be best to skip the show.

Disney Channel Rocks! Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
Good choreographed dancing, hit music and a bright display make Disney Channel Rocks! an impressive show
Guest Appeal
The target audience of tweens (ages 6-14) will love the show. Those not fans of the film series will find it annoying.
Disney World Veteran Rating
Attractions like this are typically panned over by Disney World veterans for being "cheap" and "for tweens"
Teen Rating
Younger teens will likely love it while older teens will be "too cool" for it.
Lasting Appeal
If you're a fan of the shows/film, seeing the best songs performed may be entertaining but generally, once or two times seeing it will be enough.
OVERALL RATING(not an average)
Your rating: None Average: 4.2 (6 votes)
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