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Experience an afternoon parade unlike any other afternoon parade with this high-energy show that includes musical hits of the 20th century and stars of the Pixar films.
Attraction In-Depth

Block Party Bash is more of a show than a parade and totally throws the game plan for an afternoon parade out the window. Block Party Bash is a traveling cavalcade of floats that go to set location and deploy their floats and perform a show before packing up and going to another location. The parade has three distinct sections based on the hit Pixar films, Toy Story, Monster's Inc, A Bug's Life and a cameo from the Incredibles. The Block Party Bash parade has two stops along the parade route. It begins on Hollywood Boulevard and deploys between Mickey's of Hollywood store all the way down Hollywood Boulevard until about the Tip Board at the junction with Sunset Boulevard.

Block Party Bash then packs up and speeds away (literally) to the next stop which is located between American Idol Experience attraction and Sounds Dangerous. Roughly speaking, if you want to see the Toy Story floats, you will need to be located in front of Mickeys of Hollywood (Hollywood Boulevard) or in front of Sounds Dangerous (Echo lake); To see Monsters Inc, position yourself between Mickeys of Hollywood and Keystone Clothiers (Hollywood Boulevard) or in front of the ABC Theater (Echo Lake); To see the A Bugs Life float, position yourself in front of Keystone Clothiers (Hollywood Boulevard) or between the ABC Theater and the Sorcerer's Hat (Echo Lake).

There is also a small show just before the last float exits the park near the Jedi Training Academy Stage involving a final dance number and some characters from A Bug's Life.

Block Party Bash is slated to close on January 1, 2011 and be replaced by a new parade based on Pixar films.


Let's face it, afternoon parades have a "love 'em" or "hate 'em" relationship with most guests. Some find parades boring and dull while others think they are absolutely fantastic fun. Block Party Bash parade is a departure from the typical afternoon parade and is high energy performance of Cast Members who combine some catchy oldies with lots of well choreographed routines. If you aren't a fan of afternoon parades, this parade may be one that will get you to wait around for the 3pm parade finally. The real downside to Block Party Bash is it's nearly impossible to see the entire parade and all of the floats and it's performances in one afternoon. At best you can see two out of the three zones. Optimally, you should watch the parade on Hollywood Boulevard between Mickey's of Hollywood and Keystone Clothiers and then when the parade is wrapping up the performance (you can tell, when the performers start packing up among other things, the trampolines, literally run past Hollywood & Vine, past 50's Prime Time Cafe, past Indiana Jones and grab a spot near Sounds Dangerous to catch the parade again as it swings around for another stop.

In addition, it should be noted there are no classic Disney characters or Disney music in Block Party Bash. Some people find this to be a major detraction and prefer attractions that pay homage in one way or another to some of the classic (and most popular) Disney characters around. Others enjoy the Pixar characters that populate the Block Party Bash parade and find it a welcome addition. If not seeing Mickey Mouse or hearing "Some day my prince will come" in this makes you cringe, then you may not enjoy the parade regardless of the high energy levels or anything else that's unique to the parade.

If running around isn't your cup of tea, then ensure you get a good spot for the parade along Hollywood Boulevard and be sure to be somewhere between Mickey's of Hollywood and the junction of Sunset Boulevard otherwise you effectively won't see the performance of the parade and it will just zip past you onto it's next stop. Spots for the second stop along Echo Lake are usually available until just when the floats make it there since most people don't like to wait when there's a show just around the corner. If you arrive late or too close to the start of the parade to get a good spot on Hollywood Boulevard, grab a spot along Echo Lake. There are some great spots on either side of the path between Sounds Dangerous and the ABC Theater.

Block Party Bash Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
Bright colored floats, well-executed choreography and hit music make this quite impressive
Guest Appeal
Very different from the usual afternoon parades, so that is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preference.
Disney World Veteran Rating
Disney lovers will enjoy the innovation found in the parade, but deduct points for there not being any classic Disney characters
Teen Rating
This may be just the parade to win over teens who usually pan over afternoon parades as dull and boring
Lasting Appeal
It's nearly impossible to see the entire parade just once so you will need to come back a few times to see it all.
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Your rating: None Average: 4 (1 vote)
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