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Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

If you are looking for a Broadway style show, Beauty and the Beast delivers theater quality production despite being in a theme park.
Attraction In-Depth

Beauty and the Beast plays in the Theater of the Stars and tells the beloved story of the cursed Beast searching for love.  This live action performance is a Broadway style show that features musical numbers, acting and dramatics.  This 25 minute long show pairs down the events of the film, hitting upon the highlights including the important scenes and favorite songs. Aside from the terrific singing, there is excellent choreography, sets, costumes and dancing that sets the bar for other live performances at any theme park.

Since the show is slimmed down to fit the 25 minute window allocated, the songs you will hear during the show are "Be Our Guest", "Beauty and the Beast", "Belle", "Gaston", "The Mob Song" and "Something There".


Beauty and the Beast is a top notch performance that is not to be missed.  The story told is lovely and the performance by the actors is generally quite good.  The songs are really choreographed well and the sets and costumes really accentuate a wonderful experience.  The outdoor theater can hold 1500 people, so it's usually easy to get a seat, even if you arrive just a few minutes before the start of the show. 

In addition to Beauty and the Beast having a high production value, it's the kind of show that is enjoyable by nearly everyone in the group. From toddlers to seniors, everyone can enjoy Beauty and the Beast and there isn't anything to scare young ones or upset those who are prone to any sort of physical injuries.  Beauty and the Beast is one of those rare attractions that everyone in the family can see together.

The Theater of the Stars is outdoors, but it's covered and with the fans provided, even during the hotter times of the year, it's not that bad in terms of comfort.  During summer, when the temperatures and humidity make being outdoors difficult (to say the least), opt for the morning shows to see it before it gets oppressively hot later in the afternoon.

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage Review
Our Rating (Out of 5):
The movie literally comes to life on the stage and has Disney magic written all over it. No theming however to really make this the best.
Guest Appeal
Everyone in the group can enjoy this attraction...period.
Disney World Veteran Rating
A gem by Disney's standards.
Teen Rating
Despite the superb performance teens may not find this the most entertaining, especially with the Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster a few short feet away.
Lasting Appeal
If you enjoy plays, you'll want to see this over and over.
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Your rating: None Average: 4 (5 votes)
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