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Attraction Voice Credits

 Ever wondered who was the voice behind a character at one of your favorite attractions? Or has someone just sounded so familiar? Use this page to find out who is the voice behind the face.


Announcements - Bill Rogers
Mickey Mouse - Wayne Allwine
Jiminy Cricket - Eddie Carroll
Governor Ratcliffe - David Ogden Stiers
Magic Mirror - Tony Jay
Ursula - Pat Carroll
Frollo - Tony Jay
Jafar - Johnathan Freeman
Hades - James Woods

MuppetVision 3D

Kermit the Frog - Jim Henson
Fozzie Bear - Frank Oz
Miss Piggy - Frank Oz
Gonzo - Dave Goelz
Bean Bunny - Steve Whitmire
Sam the Eagle - Frank Oz
Scooter - Richard Hunt
Rizzo - Steve Whitmire
Statler - Richard Hunt
Waldorf - Jim Henson
Bunsen Honeydew - Dave Goelz
Beaker - Richard Hunt
Sweetums - Richard Hunt
Waldo C. Graphic - Steve Whitmire
Sweedish Chef - Jim Henson
Mickey Mouse - Wayne Allwine

Star Tours

RX-24 (Rex) - Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Reubens
C-3P0 - Anthony Daniels
Star Tours Destinations video announcer - Brian Cummings

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Sebastian - Samuel E. Wright
King Triton - Kenneth Mars
Ursula - Pat Carrol
Flotsam & Jetsam - Paddi Edwards

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Rod Serling - Mark Silverman