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13 Must-Read Disney World Blogs

Writing something like this is sure to upset someone as we all have our opinions which blogs are the best but I wanted to explain the criteria for this list.  Basically, this list is of my favorite blogs that deal primarily with Disney World and are still active on a regular basis.  I don't care for blogs that cover the Walt Disney Company or Disneyland or other aspects of the company and I also left off blogs that are basically dead or update far too infrequently.  I just wanted to highlight the best blogs that highlight various aspects of Disney World.  There are a few sites that do cover other aspects of the Walt Disney company, but they regularly contribute content related to Disney World and the quality of the writing overcomes the fact it may touch upon other topics.

  1. The Disney Blog - John Frost's blog covers a good amount of breaking news related to Walt Disney World.  Concise and well written articles summarize the bigger news occurring around Walt Disney World.  
    Publication frequency: About 3 posts per day
  2. Disneyshawn - Learning the backstory and history of Walt Disney World is a favorite past time and it's hard to top this somewhat new blog.  Written by Shawn, who has a long history with Disney World, you're sure to learn something new in each post.
    Publication frequency: Once every day or two
  3. TouringPlans - Yes, there is a blog here in addition to the crowd calendar, and it's well written by a slew of authors who contribute posts regarding various aspects of the trip planning process.  Different topics from different authors on different aspects make it worth checking out.
    Publication frequency: Once every day or two
  4. Stitchkingdom - You have to give credit where credit is due, and a few recent "scoops" can be accredited to the folks who run Stitchkingdom.  Covering the Disney parks as well as other aspects of the Disney company, it's a good place to check what's new.
    Publication frequency: A few posts per day
  5. Take the Monorail - Provides tips for those planning family trips to Disney World.
    Publication frequency: Two to three posts per week
  6. Attractions Magazine Blog - Coverage of various Orlando attraction current events, including notably Disney World.
    Publication frequency: One to two posts per day
  7. Disney Food Blog - If you love the food at Disney World and if eating at Disney World is as much an attraction as any ride, then this is the blog for you.
    Publication frequency: One post every day or two
  8. 2719 Hyperion - It used to be the de facto Disney World blog if you wanted to learn the back story of something at Disney World, but updates have been slower to come as of late, but it's still worth your time, even if you simply browse the archives.
    Publication frequency: One post every week or two
  9. SamLand - This blog tends to focus on Disneyland more, but there's plenty of Disney World related content that is written from the perspective of an urban planner who looks at the architectural decisions made at the Disney parks and explains their significance.
    Publication frequency: Once every day or two
  10. The "World" According to Jack - Jack visits Disney World often and reports upon what's going on and shares his opinions of these new changes.  
    Publication frequency: Once per week
  11. WDW News Today - If you want to see what's going on right now at the parks in photos and videos, you will find a lot to see here
    Publication frequency: One or two posts per day
  12. Re-Imagineering - If you're looking for brutally honest opinions on the changes at Disney World, this is the place.
    Publication frequency: Two or three posts per month
  13. The Daily Disney - This is the blog run by the Orlando Sentinel and the paper tends to get a lot of breaking news in the parks first.
    Publication frequency: Three or four posts per day

Between those 13 sites, you will get a good idea of what's going on in the parks along with some interesting opinions on what others are thinking about said changes.  In addition, it seems there's always something to be learned from some of the many talented writers who blog about various aspects of the parks.

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